An alien who's pretty much lost his mind following the Devil's Machine shattering. An extremely dangerous PSI master.
Description in game's manual

SanguineBloodShed Char Giegue
Icon of Giegue in the game.
Series EarthBound (1994)
Debut EarthBound: Beginnings
Availability Starter
Weight Very Light
Size Small
Hyper Move PSI Rockin' Ω

Giegue is one of the starter characters of Sanguine Bloodshed, and represents the EarthBound franchise, alongside Lucas. Giegue is a quick character who attacks with the powers of PSI, and utilizes his insanity to attack opponents.

Giegue's home stage is Moonside.


Giegue is quite fast and difficult to chase down, and while his floatiness can be seen as a disadvantage, he can jump far away from opponents' reach. Almost all his attacks are a form of projectile or long distance attack; even up close fighting utilizes his PSI powers. He can teleport too, although where is always random and it can make a bad situation worse, but can be used for luck. He can also utilize random powers from his mind to attack opponents; ones you cannot grasp the true form of.

Giegue heals slowly, but his special meter can be brought up extremely quickly, allowing him to perform his strongest attack, PSI Rockin' Ω, over and over during a match. However it's hard to do this as Giegue needs to be absolutely still when healing.



Giegue attacks with darkness in all his normal attacks, placing hands through portals to attack others from far away, and performing unknown attacks to strike foes, and uses randomness to overcomes. He can even make foes cry and stop moving, or even kill them instantly! That's extremely rare however.


  • Ground Power: Giegue charges up PSI Rockin' α and fires it around to beyond his front, behind, and to his sides. It's quite powerful and pushes opponents away.
  • Ground Shot: Giegue utilizes a row of fire, attacking all foes in front of him.
  • Ground Trap: Giegue casts an ice trap on the floor, which freezes opponents that pass over it. Does not damage, but allows Giegue to get free hits in.
  • Air Power: Giegue charges up PSI Flash Ω and fires it as soon as he hits the ground. Opponents nearby may cry and stop attacking, be momentarily paralyzed, or even lose their stock, although the latter of these is extremely rare and comes with the cost of Giegue losing some of his health.
  • Air Shot: Giegue uses PK Ground by slamming into the ground in a magic ball, striking foes nearby quite hard that are hit by the shockwaves.
  • Air Trap: Giegue places a miniature Devil's Machine on the floor, possessing an opponent who touches it. The possessed opponent will wander towards Giegue.
  • PSI Rockin' Ω: Giegue will create extremely powerful PSI magic and fire the spell all across the room, dealing severe damage to several opponents as well as himself.

Taunts / Victory Poses

  • Taunt 1: Giegue's face turns red and mimics the face that he had in EarthBound.
  • Taunt 2: Giegue cruelly and lowly laughs, creating dark magic in his hands.
  • Taunt 3: Giegue uses PSI Healing α to heal himself from things such as paralysis or crying from other Giegue.
  • Victory Pose 1: Giegue transforms into his EarthBound form and laughs insanely, swinging his freed body back and forth.
  • Victory Pose 2: Giegue utilizes PSI Thunder α to signify his victory.
  • Losing Pose: Giegue repeats the name of the first place winner over and over.


Giegue has four alts, just like the rest of the game's characters. His first alt turns him blue, the second turns him yellow, the third turns him purple, and the final alt turns him entirely read with black lines, to symbolize the original EarthBound Giygas.


  • Giygas Medley (from Earthbound)
  • Pokey Means Business (from Earthbound)
  • Battle Against an Otherworldly Foe (from Earthbound; Original)
  • Battle Against an Otherworldly Foe (from Earthbound; rock remix)


  • Giegue is named Giygas in North America and Europe, the Giegue name is simply who he is named in Japan.

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