Your death - much like Captain Crunch cereal - will be delicious.
Description in game's manual

Captain Crunch
SanguineBloodShed Char Captain Crunch
Icon of Captain Crunch in the game.
Series None
Debut None
Availability Starter
Weight Heavy
Size Medium
Hyper Move Oops! All Berries

Captain Crunch is one of the starter characters of Sanguine Bloodshed, and represents the...uhh...Captain Crunch brand? Captain Crunch is a powerful character who operates things such as cannonballs that fire "berries", and strong physical attacks with his edible hook.


Captain Crunch is a moderate sized character with heavy weight, so he's pretty tough to knock around. He moves slow, but not his attacks, they fire like bullets from a good rifle. The berries reach all the way to the other side of the screen, so you know that Captain Crunch is actually more than just a cereal mascot. Speaking of mascot, the kids from his commercials follow him around and attack too with spoons and forks. Lovely.

Captain Crunch's heal system is different from others, by eating his own berries, he heals up. He cannot charge his special attack, instead he must be hit so that he can have the vengeance to do it.



Captain Crunch attacks mainly by shooting berries out from a cannon and swinging his hooks into opponents, or making goofy faces to paralyze others. The kids around him attack with spoons and knives and attack on their own accord.


  • Ground Power: Captain Crunch spills a bunch of berry bombs, which explode to damage foes.
  • Ground Shot: Captain Crunch charges up a cannon, which fires a huge berry forward.
  • Ground Trap: Captain Crunch spills a large berry, which moves on its own and tries to come into contact with an opponent and explode.
  • Air Power: Captain Crunch slams into the ground, and fires an outgoing wave of explosive berries.
  • Air Shot: Captain Crunch tosses a bottle of milk, dealing plenty of damage on whoever it touches.
  • Air Trap: Captain Crunch fires down a milk bomb, exploding and unleashing milk to the left and right, damaging those who touch it.
  • Oops! All Berries: Captain Crunch goes into the background, and prepares a giant cannon on his ship, which starts firing lots of berries onto the field to hurt opponents. The ship eventually goes towards the main stage and explodes, dealing lots of damage.

Taunts / Victory Poses

  • Taunt 1: Captain Crunch mimics Tony the Tiger, saying "THEY'RE GREAAAAAAT!" while having his hand above his eyes.
  • Taunt 2: Captain Crunch takes a bite out of his own cereal.
  • Taunt 3: Captain Crunch makes a big hearty laugh, pounding his hands against his stomach.
  • Victory Pose 1: Captain Crunch laughs loudly, and dances back and forth balancing two boxes of Captain Crunch cereal in his hands.
  • Victory Pose 2: Captain Crunch flexes back and forth, laughing.
  • Losing Pose: Captain Crunch dumps berries on his head.


Captain Crunch has four alts, just like the rest of the game's characters. His first alt is a red coat, his second is a green one, his third is a yellow one, and his last is a purple one.



  • Captain Crunch is a top tier character.

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