In Sanguine Bloodshed, there are a total of twenty bosses that are to be fought within the game. Here they are, in alphabetical order. Keep in mind that all bosses are fought in the game's stages.


SanguineBloodShed Fandraxono

Fandraxono is the G̴̵̡̬̫̬̥̅̍͌͌̀̑Ȭ̤̙̹͍̯͓̇ͣͦ̌͗͌ͧ͠D̵̛̲̜̣̺̗̙̜̠͙̬̀̐ͪ̋ͣ̔͒ͫͣ͜͢͞ of Zaxina, and controls that Hyperspace well. He does not have an exact series, but it's implied that he exists everywhere...which is bad, because he's unintentionally evil from having no idea how to control himself, his powers, or his split personality.

Fandraxono has a total of 10000 HP, the highest in the game, and four omega Fandraxonians assist him in battle, each having 2500 HP. This is a very tough battle, as Fandraxono has a lot of instant knock out moves, and his helper Fandraxonians don't make the situation any better. He breathes fire, ice, and electricity to attack opponents, and screws around with the player's sense of controls when they are too close. His hand swipes are powerful and deal more damage than a lot of hyper moves within the game.

If Fandraxono is beat without a stock being lost, he transforms into The Acebreaker, sporting 50000 HP. The omega Fandraxonians no longer exist, but he is much faster, sports their attacks anyway, and utilizes almost every single move in the entire game, being an unpredictable mess. Defeating him is its own award.

When Fandraxono or the Acebreaker is fought, Mephiles Phase 2 from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) plays.

General Snickers

When in doubt of my excellent superiority, call an ambulance.
General Snickers, towards the player's mob

SanguineBloodShed General Snickers

General Snickers is the demented brother of General Scotch, playing a triple agent in General's Journey - one where he serves an alien lord, one where he helps Scotch's friends, and one where he supports Twix's army, although he equally betrays them all and attempts bringing forth his empire, but is stopped successfully by his own brother with his friends.

In Sanguine Bloodshed, General Snickers fights on the Radical Train stage, and utilizes bombs, guns, and explosive devices to attack the player, and uses his great jump and speed to get away from the player when they are too close. General Snickers has 1250 HP, and when his health is low, he'll start firing large explosives or summon Keil, his "girlfriend", to attack the opponents. Keil herself has 550 HP and also needs to be defeated to win the battle.

When General Snickers is fought, Deal with the Devil by Pop Evil plays.

God Waluigi

SanguineBloodShed Boss God Waluigi

God Waluigi is a parody of God Mario, and is a thousand times better than the original creation! God Waluigi transforms from Waluigi when he wins a game without cheating. There is not much else we can provide about God Waluigi, as he is too great for words.

Unfortunately for him, he is a boss in Sanguine Bloodshed, having a total of 800 HP. Doesn't sound like much for a God, but you need to kill his defenses by throwing garbage at him, and then attack him. It's not an easy fight though, God Waluigi fires strong energy beams and they're instant kill moves! He's also extremely fast, too, after all, he's 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times faster than darkness.  God Waluigi is fought on the Banzai Bill Express.

When God Waluigi is fought, Waluigi Pinball plays, only done with an organ instrument.

King K. Rool

SanguineBloodShed King K Rool

K. Rool originated as the primary antagonist of Donkey Kong Country, where he stole Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard, am I right? Something happened there. K. Rool is the leader of the Krimlings, and is a great rival to our lovable monkey. He even went under different disguises for all his different schemes!...well except for Donkey Kong 64.

In Sanguine Bloodshed, K. Rool has the second most amount of health, with a total of 2500 HP, with his four assistant Krimlings having 250 HP. K. Rool is fought on the Great Patty Caper. K. Rool attacks with cannonballs, lazer zaps, boxing techniques, and his crown, making a mixture of different attacks from across the Donkey Kong franchise. He is actually really fast, but has terrible traction, so if he runs towards you, he will probably slip.

When King K. Rool is fought, a metal remix of his boss theme from Donkey Kong Country plays.


SanguineBloodShed Boss Ludlog

Ludlog is an evolved form of .snickedge's first ever art on Fantendo, and it...lives? And attacks? Huh. There's so much to be said about Ludlog, like "why is he in this game?", but we are not going to answer those questions, as we frankly too lazy to at the moment.

Ludlog has a total of 1250 HP, and attacks with messy forms of Ludwig von Koopa's attacks, like his magic and his ground pound, all creating illusion attacks. Ludlog is one of the weakest bosses in the game and is very easy to attack. You fight him on the Spirit Train stage.

When Ludlog is fought, a G Major version of the boss theme from New Super Mario Bros. Wii plays.

Metal Face

Fancy meeting you here, Monado Boy...
Metal Face, the game's storyline; towards Shulk

SanguineBloodShed Boss Metal Face

Metal Face is marked as Shulk's rival from the first half of Xenoblade Chronicles, and uhh...well, I'm not going to say anything much because spoilers. He's immune to the Monado's effects, so he's actually a pretty dangerous adversary.

Metal Face has 1000 HP and has a lot of moves at hand. He can transform into a fighter jet and fly at high speeds, his hands can slice through about anything, and fire large beams from his hands. Metal Face can pick up large objects and toss them, too.

When Metal Face is being faced (ha!), Face from Xenoblade Chronicles plays.


SanguineBloodShed Boss Mud

Mud is amazing. He was Indigo's first Pokémon, and was just a Mudkip, but became demonic when it evolved into Marshtomp, and become stronger when it became a kills everything on sight, and attempts to wipe away existence before you can even acknowledge there is existence. Dear lord.

Mud has 1600 HP, and is fought on the G Stage. Mud attacks with red dyed Surf attacks, Waterfall, Mud Shot, Precipice Blades, powerful lasers, and destructive mud bombs. When his health is low, his attacks become stronger, specifically his Surf attack, as a response to his ability; Torrent.

When Mud is fought, a heavy remix of Big Arm from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 plays.


SanguineBloodShed Boss Nightmare

Nightmare is a secret animatronic originating from Five Nights at Freddy's 4, where he crashes the game if he gets the player. He is basically Fredbear, but much harder to defeat and survive against. His semi transparent body and his sharp teeth are quite notable.

In Sanguine Bloodshed, Nightmare fights on the Polar Express stage, and fires an assortment of jumpscares and pixelated moves. Nightmare boasts a total of 2000 HP, more than most of the game's bosses. When he starts reaching low health, he will summon Springtrap, the Mangle, and Golden Freddy to help him take out the player. Each of those are withered and have 250 HP.

When Nightmare is fought, Just Gold by Mandopony plays.

Oogie Boogie

SanguineBloodShed Oogie Boogie

He's fantastic, he's the Oogie Boogie, from the Nightmare Before Christmas! There's nothing you can hate about him, he's got a body of bugs, a fantastic voice, and diabolical plans.

In Sanguine Bloodshed, the Oogie Boogie has 700 HP, and uses strings of bugs to attack opponents, and sets up casino inspired attacks to attack foes, and all his attacks' effects are based on luck. He's either really easy or really difficult, it depends per fight. He's fought in Halloween Town.

When The Oogie Boogie is fought, the theme This is Halloween plays.

Porky Minch

SanguineBloodShed Boss Porky Minch

Porky Minch is a villain from the EarthBound series, who was originally your friend but either Giygas took over him or he just...went random. Either way he helps controls Giygas' power until you defeat him where he unleashes it on you, and also has an empire based on himself years later, and has a powerful weapon; the Masked Man.

In Sanguine Bloodshed, Porky Minch has 1150 HP, as he's inside his spider mech from EarthBound. He uses a stinky gas to lower your offense, and attempts charging into you. When his HP lowers, he holds the Devil's Machine, which spells PSI Rockin to attack foes.

When Porky Minch is fought, Pokey Means Business / Cease to Exist plays.


Kids like you these days...should be burning in HELL.
Sans, towards various others in the game's storyline

SanguineBloodShed Boss Sans

Sans is a boss originating from Undertale, only fought if you took the genocide route, and serves as its final boss. Sans is infamous for being difficult to defeat and for his striking quickness in attacks, and for dodging almost every single attack the player could throw at them.

In Sanguine Bloodshed, Sans is fought in the Snowdin stage, and is there on the stage, but he will dodge every attack or shield. He fires large bones towards the field, spikes bones up from the ground, and turns the player blue and uses Papyrus' Blue Ray attack, but far stronger. To defeat Sans, one must keep dodging his attacks, then damage him once he's tired out, ending the battle. However, it takes a long time for Sans to tire out.

When Sans is fought, his theme MEGALOVANIA plays.


SanguineBloodShed Boss Shrek

Oh man, Shrek, the most lovable boss fight of all. Shrek originates from the Dreamworks series of the same name, and is an ogre that's well known for his personality and great first two movies. The later movies of his actually sucked, no offense.

In Sanguine Bloodshed, he's fought on the Corsham page, and attacks with powerful punches, body slams, and bad breath to paralyze foes.  He has just 500 HP, but he doesn't go down without a fight.

When Shrek is fought, his theme All Star plays.


SanguineBloodShed Boss Slimer

...Absolutely disgusting.  Slimer was this ghost from Ghostbusters but...uhh...well, he came here under a gross look.  See, he wants to kind of kill you now?  Well he's just laughing over doing fun stuff like scaring people but he ain't letting you get off the hook.

Slimer is the weakest boss with only 150 HP, and can be fought virtually anywhere, but is fought on the Ghostbusters Train stage for the most part.  He attacks only with slime balls.  You'd think he would be...stronger?  But he's not.

When Slimer is fought, the Ghostbusters theme players.

The Edgehog

SanguineBloodShed Boss The Edgehog

The Edgehog was a wonderful creation by .snickedge when he made that old article called Soul Harvest. Does he look familiar? He should honestly remind you of Shadow the Hedgehog, and if he doesn't, are an uncultured swine??

In Sanguine Bloodshed, The Edgehog only has 300 HP, but he teleports around the field to avoid attacks, and uses various guns from the game Shadow the Hedgehog, and only comes close to use his kicking moves, or Chaos Blast. Attacking him when he's preparing Chaos Blast is the best way to hit him.

When The Edgehog is fought, his theme I Am All of Me plays.


SanguineBloodShed Validar

Validar is the leader of the Grimleal, a sect dedicated to the Fell Dragon; Grima. Their goal is to restore their master and Validar uses dark magic. In one timeline, he uses his own child as a vessel in a spell to resurrect Grima. What a cruel man.

In Sanguine Bloodshed, Validar has 800 HP, and attacks with powerful dark magic, and can use Vengeance to attack or the Grima's Truth. Both are very powerful and should be avoided at all costs. He can also recover HP very slowly as a result of his ability; Renewal.

When Validar is fought, his theme Monstrosity plays.


  • Out of all the game's bosses, Sans is the only one that closely matches their original boss fight.​

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