Sanguine Bloodshed
Sanguine Bloodshed Boxart
The game's boxart
Developer(s) TimeStrike
Illusion Works
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Illusion Works
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
2016 (Worldwide)
Age Rating(s)
M (Mature)
16 (PEGI)
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Optical disc
Available Input Custom plug-in controller
Sanguine Bloodshed, otherwise known in other regions as Crimson Warfare, is a crossover fighting game being developed by TimeStrike (and later taken over by Illusion Works), being the first actual fighting game to get developed by that company. It is said to have most work started in 2016. It stars only the characters that the creator loves and cares for, and is completely oblivious to other people's opinions on those characters.

Sanguine Bloodshed will have a total of eighty six characters, forty default, forty unlockable, and six DLC. These characters come from various different franchises, from the critically acclaimed to the critically panned, and come from only those franchises that the creator has enjoyed playing / watching.

The game plays very much like Super Smash Bros. and Sonic Battle, the two's gameplay styles crossing over for Sanguine Bloodshed.  Each character has Sonic Battle movesets, but can have customize their overall moves like how you can do them with special moves in Smash Bros.  Several modes are inspired by that of Super Smash Bros.'s.


See here.


See here.



Players move along a map to try and make it to the end by defeating opponent challenge after another.  Works very similarly to Super Smash Bros. 3DS's version of the mode.  Players can set up the difficulty, which both raises the level of the challenges and the amount of opponents the player has to fight.  At the end, they battle one of the various bosses and then Fandraxono in a separate match, facing the Acebreaker on the hardest mode.


Survival gives the players / opponents a set amount of stocks to use, chosen by the host, and for every time someone is defeated, they lose a stock.  If all stocks are lost, they are out of the match.  The last player standing is the overall winner.


Every player / opponent starts out with no points, and for every time someone defeats another person, they gain a point.  The first player to reach the required point limit (set up by the host) is the winner.


Players have a time limit set by the host to get as many points as possible.  For every time someone defeats another, they gain a point.  The one with the most amount of points by the time the timer ends is the victor.


Food is spread throughout the arena, and the players and opponents' health bars decrease slowly over time without exposure to food.  By collecting food, the players can heal.  Players can attack each other in this mode, but they don't do as much damage and special moves cannot be used.  Last player standing is the winner.


In soccer, you get to assemble a team of characters and battle out by...kicking a ball towards the opposing team's goal!  You get to use special moves on the battlefield so shut up if you don't think it's fun.

See here for soccer teams.


Gameplay is a mixture of Super Smash Bros.' modes and moveset mix-up styles, whilst gameplay is very similar to Sonic Battle's style, with characters utilizing different skills and using Ground, Air, and Trap specials, alongside the new Hyper specials.

Like in Sonic Battle, characters have two bars. One is the health bar, and when it empties up, your stock is over with. When you run out of stocks, you lose. If you have a spare stock, you can come back to the field with a full health bar. When you heal in battle, you can restore HP and SP (the other bar), although the amount filled depends on the character. With a full SP bar, you can release your Hyper special.

Also in a similar vein to Super Smash Bros., characters can call upon assistants, which will almost always aid them in battle.  Some have a few twists to them to make the battle even harder to work out for some of the players.  Assistants can be turned on and off in the options menu.

There are many modes within the game, and they can make for different kinds of gameplay styles and different levels of fun.  Examples include Survival and Timed mode, both working in a similar style to Sonic Battle.

In Sanguine Bloodshed, characters can talk to each other via barracks, leading to some pretty interesting conversations...for example, you can form a conversation between Ficklepoof and Knuckles, or make one between Captain Crunch and Snoop Dogg.  The possibilities are endless, and there are a total of 10 conversations possible for each individual pair in the entire game.


There are a total of eighty six characters in the game; 40 are default, 40 are unlockable, and 6 are downloadable for $1.00 each. Each character has their own moveset and playstyle, and all differ in their weight, size, and attacks, etc.  No character plays identical to another one.

The tier list can be found here.

The Entire Roster (minus DLC)

SanguineBloodShed Roster


SanguineBloodShed Char Abraham LincolnSanguineBloodShed Char Alice HarumiSanguineBloodShed Char AnnaSanguineBloodShed Char BlukeSanguineBloodShed Char BravenwolfSanguineBloodShed Char Captain CrunchSanguineBloodShed Char FreddySanguineBloodShed Char GametalSanguineBloodShed Char Galacta KnightSanguineBloodShed Char GanondorfSanguineBloodShed Char GiegueSanguineBloodShed Char GLaDOSSanguineBloodShed Char Grim ReaperSanguineBloodShed Char HamaSanguineBloodShed Char Hot ShotSanguineBloodShed Char KnucklesSanguineBloodShed Char KrookodileSanguineBloodShed Char KuzcoSanguineBloodShed Char Lon'quSanguineBloodShed Char LucasSanguineBloodShed Char LuckySanguineBloodShed Char Master ChiefSanguineBloodShed Char MudkipSanguineBloodShed Char PapyrusSanguineBloodShed Char PeteSanguineBloodShed Char Professor FiendishSanguineBloodShed Char Rick and MortySanguineBloodShed Char RidleySanguineBloodShed Char SanjiSanguineBloodShed Char Santa ClausSanguineBloodShed Char ScroogeSanguineBloodShed Char ShulkSanguineBloodShed Char Sideshow BobSanguineBloodShed Char SniperSanguineBloodShed Char Snoop DoggSanguineBloodShed Char SquidwardSanguineBloodShed Char TechnusSanguineBloodShed Char ValentineSanguineBloodShed Char VOLTSanguineBloodShed Char Wario


SanguineBloodShed Char BayonettaSanguineBloodShed Char Captain UnderpantsSanguineBloodShed Char Cloud StrifeSanguineBloodShed Char Crash BandicootSanguineBloodShed Char CrymsiaSanguineBloodShed Char Dark LinkSanguineBloodShed Char DiscordSanguineBloodShed Char DonkeySanguineBloodShed Char Drake and JoshSanguineBloodShed Char EndalSanguineBloodShed Char FicklepoofSanguineBloodShed Char GarfieldSanguineBloodShed Char Harry PotterSanguineBloodShed Char Iron MaskSanguineBloodShed Char JawsSanguineBloodShed Char John CenaSanguineBloodShed Char JontronSanguineBloodShed Char King DededeSanguineBloodShed Char Ludwig vanSanguineBloodShed Char StayPuftSanguineBloodShed Char Monopoly ManSanguineBloodShed Char Mordecai and RigbySanguineBloodShed Char 'What' Mega ManSanguineBloodShed Char NabbsSanguineBloodShed Char NiGHTSSanguineBloodShed Char NinjiSanguineBloodShed Char Numbah FiveSanguineBloodShed Char Ozzy OsbourneSanguineBloodShed Char RoySanguineBloodShed Char Roy KoopaSanguineBloodShed Char Shade ManSanguineBloodShed Char ShardSanguineBloodShed Char ShinjiroSanguineBloodShed Char SidSanguineBloodShed Char SinistarSanguineBloodShed Char SpyroSanguineBloodShed Char SyiSanguineBloodShed Char UniponSanguineBloodShed Char VioletSanguineBloodShed Char Wubbzy


SanguineBloodShed Char BeatSanguineBloodShed Char GoofySanguineBloodShed Char Lanky Kong
SanguineBloodShed Char Puss in BootsSanguineBloodShed Char RoseradeSanguineBloodShed Char Ruby Rose


There's a total of sixty stages in the game, divided by "Train", "Arena", and "Real Life".  There are thirty arena stages, twelve train stages, and eighteen real life stages.


Arena Stages

SanguineBloodShed Stage Midnight MountainSanguineBloodShed Stage Monster HouseSanguineBloodShed Stage New York CitySanguineBloodShed Stage NocturneSanguineBloodShed Stage OnettSanguineBloodShed Stage Shrek's SwampSanguineBloodShed Stage SnowdinSanguineBloodShed Stage Western ForestSanguineBloodShed Stage YouTube

Train Stages

SanguineBloodShed Stage Banzai Bill ExpressSanguineBloodShed Stage CorshamSanguineBloodShed Stage GSanguineBloodShed Stage Spirit TrainSanguineBloodShed Stage The Great Patty CaperSanguineBloodShed Stage Thomas and Diesel 10

Real Life Stages


Arena Stages

Train Stages

SanguineBloodShed Stage Galaxy TrainSanguineBloodShed Stage Ghostbusters TrainSanguineBloodShed Stage Glyn CeiriogSanguineBloodShed Stage Polar ExpressSanguineBloodShed Stage Radical TrainSanguineBloodShed Stage Starflight Express

Real Life Stages


There's a pretty small number of items in this game, there's about twenty of them, all in all.

SanguineBloodShed Item Doom's EyeSanguineBloodShed Item GlueSanguineBloodShed Item InvincibilitySanguineBloodShed Item Lancelot's SwordSanguineBloodShed Item Mr SaturnSanguineBloodShed Item Nimbus 2000SanguineBloodShed Item Pac ManSanguineBloodShed Item Pure HeartSanguineBloodShed Item Screw AttackSanguineBloodShed Item Stop Sign


There are a total of 30 assistants in the game; these can be summoned from out of nowhere with a small sphere, which is flung up into the air, and then sends a signal, requesting an ally.

SanguineBloodShed Assist AnnaSanguineBloodShed Assist ArinSanguineBloodShed Assist AshleySanguineBloodShed Assist Bandana DeeSanguineBloodShed Assist Banjo KazooieSanguineBloodShed Assist BlikSanguineBloodShed Assist The Burger kingSanguineBloodShed Assist Count BleckSanguineBloodShed Assist E-123 OmegaSanguineBloodShed Assist German ShepherdSanguineBloodShed Assist Gon GonSanguineBloodShed Assist Guinea PigSanguineBloodShed Assist Jack SkellingtonSanguineBloodShed Assist JafarSanguineBloodShed Assist Leah NeedlenamSanguineBloodShed Assist MannySanguineBloodShed Assist MettatonSanguineBloodShed Assist Naval PiranhaSanguineBloodShed Assist Nyx AvatarSanguineBloodShed Assist P!nkSanguineBloodShed Assist Robin WilliamsSanguineBloodShed Assist Silver SonicSanguineBloodShed Assist SMW BowserSanguineBloodShed Assist SrWarioSanguineBloodShed Assist The ThreatSanguineBloodShed Assist T-RexSanguineBloodShed Assist VaikeSanguineBloodShed Assist VectormanSanguineBloodShed Assist VileplumeSanguineBloodShed Assist Walukirby


There are a total of twenty bosses in the game, all of which are fought in different stages and in different parts of the story.  They all have a greater amount of health in comparison to the game's playable characters, and require different strategies to be used to be beaten.  Out of these, Fandraxono is the last of them and serves as the final boss.

SanguineBloodShed Boss BeelzebubSanguineBloodShed Boss BruceSanguineBloodShed FandraxonoSanguineBloodShed General SnickersSanguineBloodShed Boss God WaluigiSanguineBloodShed King K RoolSanguineBloodShed Boss Icelandic BatmanSanguineBloodShed Boss LudlogSanguineBloodShed Boss Metal FaceSanguineBloodShed Boss Mike TysonSanguineBloodShed Boss MudSanguineBloodShed Boss NevilleSanguineBloodShed Boss NightmareSanguineBloodShed Oogie BoogieSanguineBloodShed Boss Porky MinchSanguineBloodShed Boss SansSanguineBloodShed Boss ShrekSanguineBloodShed Boss SlimerSanguineBloodShed Boss The EdgehogSanguineBloodShed Validar


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Sanguine Bloodshed's reception was mainly positive, receiving a 7.5/10 from "Donald Drumpf reviews" and an 8.5/10 from .etherealknight (tbc).  The game has an 89 rating on Metacritic and it received an 8.8 from IGN.  Generally the game's roster was praised for being extremely unique and out of bounds for a crossover, and the wide variety of modes and online multiplayer was praised as well.  Criticism was drawn towards its battle system; it was deemed "weak" in comparison to the roster.


  • The game was originally going to be called Sanguine War, but was renamed to Sanguine Bloodshed to prevent it from confusing people with the Brawl of the Fandraxonians entry "Sanguine War".
  • Sanguine Bloodshed become a subject of much humor and internet jokes when Captain Crunch was revealed to be in the game.  Then everyone shut up when they found he was actually a top tier fighter.