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Sandy Dunes is the second world in New Super Mario Bros. 3 (3DS). It's a desert theme. It will have eleven levels. Roy Koopa rules this land. King Dry Bones guards the secret stage

Desert 1

The first level in the second world. It introduces the Chicken Suit. Desert enemies like Spinies and Spike roam this level.

Desert 2

This level will have Moai statues from Layer Cake Desert. Pokeys and Waddlewings guard this level. At the end oof the level a Fire Bro. waits for you

Desert 3

This level will be underground. It starts in ruins of temple. It continues in a tunnel guarded by Grrols and Yoshis.

Desert Ghost House

The first ghost house.

Desert 4


Desert Fortress

A fortress with quicksand scattered around the tower. Dry Bones and Paratroopas appear in this level too. The boss is Roy who will ground pound and try to ram you.

Desert 5

This level will take place in an oasis. Cheep Cheeps and a Porcupuffer is in this level.

Secret Exit


Desert 6


Desert Level

The first half will be in a wasteland with the Angry Sun. The other half will take place in a pyramid.

Desert Secret

The secret level of World 2. King Dry Bones is in this level. Beating this causes the player to go to World 5.

Roy's Castle #2

This castle will feature enemies who will not move unless you press a button. Roy will fight you again, but this time he will use a bullet cannon that fires Bullet Bills.

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