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Sandstorm Ruins / Soggy Sewers  is the second normal world of New Super Mario Bros. PIX. It is a Desert Themed World with a sewer  area. This wordd has levels total. 6 normal levels, 1 secret level, a tower, and a castle. 4 levels are in the sewer area & the rest are in the desert area. The tower boss is Boom Boom & the castle boss is Roy.


Sandstorm Ruins part 1

World 2-1 Cluckboom Ruins

Soggy Sewers


Luigi in World 2-1 Cluckboom Runis

World 2-2 Piranha Plant Pipeline

World 2-3 Waterworks Lagoon

World 2-4 Polluted Pipes

World 2-24px-Fort Icon, Boom Boom's Pipeline Tower

Sandstorm Ruins Part 2

World 2-5 Swingback Ruins

World 2-6 Desert Mushroom Pass

World 2-7 Sinking Sand Sea

World 2-8 Lakitus Canyon

World 2-Castle Icon, Roy's Pyramid Castle

Secret Course

World 2-A, Windy Sands

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