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Traverse Atomically Correct

"Sandstorm" written by Exotoro

Sandstorm is the third episode in Fantendo the Animated Series' second season. It was written by Exotoro, who wrote most of the episodes in that season.

This episode follows the group as they get stuck inside the tavern during a sandstorm.


The episode begins with Rachel watching TV and hearing a report about a sandstorm. As the group begins to leave, a loud howling sound can be heard and something begins to beat against the tavern. The group realizes they are trapped in the tavern until the sandstorm blows over. They then realize they aren't the only ones there.

Slowly over the course of five minutes, the patrons begin to split into factions. Although the group attempts to stick together and attempt to calm the other customers, ScratchKat decides to join the Bonecrushers, a faction of bikers that want to "crush the bones of everyone".

Unten, Rachel, Britt, Jake, and Ella hide in the bathroom's gaping hole (from Baking Bad) as the Bonecrushers go after them. However, they find themselves saved by "God's Chosen Ones", a faction who believe the sandstorm is a sign of the second coming.

As the war inside the tavern nears a end, so does the sandstorm. As Rachel goes outside, a cross is faintly seen in the distance. As she comes closer, she realizes it was just a piece of junk that tore off her tavern. God's Chosen Ones mourn the "cross" and Rachel steps back into the tavern, cleaning the mess inside.

In a post credits scene, she notices the rabbits go back inside her vent. Although curious, the second she examines the vents she is slashed across the face.

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