Sandover Village is the first accessible area in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy VII. It is a village area, or a "hub world" through which other areas can be accessed. It is the home of Samos, Sage of Green Eco and also home to Jak, Daxter and Keira. There are no enemies here, but there's plenty of stuff to do in this village.

Power Cells

Herd the Yakows

There's a farmer in the village that can't get his Yakows back in the pen. There are four of them, and they are mostly close to the pen. Give them a swift kick to get them going, and herd them into the pen this way. Once all of them are in the pen, the farmer will hand you a Power Cell.

Inside the Cave

There's a secret cave eastwards past the Yakow pen. It's hidden behind one of the small waterfalls, of course. Go inside and you'll find the Power Cell.

Angry Yakow

If you go through the farmer's house and out his backdoor, you'll find a second pen with an angry Yakow inside. If you can last for a full minute in the pen without getting hit, the Yakow will collapse from exhaustion and cough up a Power Cell it ate. After that it becomes an ordinary Yakow.

Combat Training

On the beach, there are a few different dummies set up so that they can only be destroyed with each of your six combat moves. After all six are gone, a Power Cell appears.

Scenic Overlook

Head past the Yakow area and continue eastwards. Climb up the platforms until you reach the top. This ledge stretches out over the edge of the ocean, and at the very end of the path is a Power Cell. But the real reward here is a good view of the village, and some of the islands out there. One day, you may even get to explore them.

Chisel the Sculpture

Ah, if only all Power Cells were as easy as this one... go to the sculptor's house and beat up that huge rock. Strangely enough, the sculptor will find inspiration and give you a Power Cell as thanks... perhaps for taking credit for your artistic creation?

Re-Election Campaign

Hand over 100 Precursor Orbs to the mayor of the village and you'll get a Power Cell in return.

Scout Flies

Retrieve all of the Scout Flies in this area to get a Power Cell.

Scout Flies

  • 1: In Jak's house- or his uncle's house, whatever you prefer to call it. The Scout Fly is in the room.
  • 2: Scan the beach for a box bouncing just above the water. Run out and smash it for the Scout Fly.
  • 3: Underneath Jak's house by the beach, there is a section where you can crawl underneath the house. You'll find a chamber with the Scout Fly.
  • 4: Near the Green Sage's hut there is a Scout Fly on a plateau over the ocean. The gap is wide, so you'll have to lunge across to get it.
  • 5: Go to Samos' balcony and walk around the back. Use your spring leap to launch yourself upwards and grab onto the side of the roof. Climb up to the Scout Fly.
  • 6: Under one of the small bridges in the village. Check under each one and you'll find it.
  • 7: This Scout Fly won't appear unless you look through the telescope in the bird watcher's house and spot it. Then you just have to hop up the platforms to get it.

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