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Sandclaw is a character that was first introduced in a episode of Zak and Darkclaw (The original). However as that has been decried as non-canon, his first appearance was in "Baby World".

He is known as Darkclaw's brother, and like his brother likes to create machines. His first known invention was a baby ray. He also has a crush on Faye.


Sandclaw was always overshadowed by his brother, and had his own ideas for Darkclaw's inventions, often involving changing the world to his way.

In Baby World, he reveals he is jealous of Darkclaw's achievements. After trapping Darkclaw in a sub-atomic forcefield, he heads off to a T.W.O research tower to infect the entire world with his Baby Ray. After defeating the Millenumers by turning all of them into babies, he heads off to the top of the tower.

Showdown with Darkclaw

At the top of the tower, Faye tries to stop him, only for him to tell her that he plans on keeping her to rule the world with him. After Faye tries to fight him off, Germoo attacks him, revealing that Demoos do not age.

After hanging off the end of the tower, Faye reverses the sub-atomic forcefield and gets Darkclaw to try and get him up. Darkclaw agrees and gets him up, only for Sandclaw to slug at him. After the fight, they fall down the tower. Darkclaw manages to reverse the babyfication, but cannot save Sandclaw.

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