SMGBD Sand Whomp

A Sand Whomp.

In Super Mario GameBox Demo, Sand Whomps are rare enemies. Their name implies that they are Whomps made of sand. However, they are solid. One appears in Mushroom Desert as a mid-boss. The final 4 appear in the ruins area of that level.


Like most Whomps, they have an X-shape of bandages on their back. A ground pound must be executed on the bandage. Sand Whomps are quicker to get up, raising the difficulty. They can be easily defeated by rolling under them, then roll-jumping into the bandage. A glitch done by jumping through the Sand Whomp (à la Super Mario 64) makes defeating them even easier.


  • Untrue to their appearance, the bandage is not covered with sand.
  • There is a hilarious experimental thing you can do to them in the Enemy viewer. Tossing an apple, a rock or a splash of water at the bandage will make the bandage fall off.

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