Greater Location N/A
Current Capital Inner Sanctum (Theoretically)
First Appearance Pokemon - Shadow of Illusions
Current Ruler Skhail - Keeper of Inner Sanctum
Current Inhabitant(s)
Psychic/Ghost-type Pokemon
Location Type Alternate Dimension
Inner Sanctum

Outer Sanctum

Sanctum, focal point to the masses, alternate dimension built from the fragments of the universe by ancients...
Skhail, Pokemon - Shadow of Illusions

Sanctum is an abstract alternate dimension appearing in Pokemon - Shadow of Illusions which had been accessed by ancient Psychic and Ghost Pokémon and was built upon to become a city which defies the normal laws of physics. The area serves as a focal point for Psychic and Ghost types because of energy around the area which can be manipulated and harnessed by these types of Pokemon. There are two separate sections in Sanctum, Outer Sanctum, the gateway between the normal dimension and Sanctum and Inner Sanctum, which contains the shrine in which further fuels the power of Psychic and Ghost Pokemon.

General Appearance

Sanctum generally consists of Stone Structures which float in the depths of Sanctum, each maintained by psychic energy. The skies are a mix of colours, which are all light and do not maintain shape. Generally, there are no areas in Sanctum which maintain Citizens and it is simply used as a place for pokemon to train their abilities and gain them in the high-energy environment of Sanctum.

Outer Sanctum

Outer Sanctum serves as the official gateway between the pokemon universe and Inner Sanctum, Outer Sanctum has a circular platform with several portals to different areas at the entrance, and follows along a fairly straight road to Inner Sanctum with several buildings on the sides for permanent citizens.

Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum holds the most energy in Sanctum and is the main area. Several islands built from stone are scattered around Inner Sanctum and are connected by simple paths. Inner Sanctum also is the area in which the Sanctum Shrine has been placed, which channels energy found in Sanctum more effectively than normal. The keeper of Inner Sanctum is a Dusknoir named Skhail, who was one of the original ancients who built Sanctum who has survived by staying in Sanctum his entire life since the creation of Sanctum.