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Samus Aran

Samus Aran


The galactic bounty hunter returns to the battle!
Symbol SSB Metroid Series
Universe Metroid
Official Debut Metroid (1986, NES)
Availability Starter.
Final Smash Zero Laser (Samus)/Gunship (Zero Suit Samus)
Home Stage Unknown.
Tier Unknown.

Samus Aran is a bounty hunter who works for the Galactic Federation. While she is usually seen fighting off Space Pirates, Samus returns to Super Smash Bros. with a slightly polished design change. Samus can now switch to Zero Suit Samus by using her down taunt; Zero Suit Samus can do the same. Samus hasn't recieved too many changes, but they are enough to keep her as a good starting character.


Special Moves


  • Neutral Special: Charge Shot -
  • Side Special: Missile -
  • Up Special: Screw Attack -
  • Down Special: Bomb -
  • Final Smash: Zero Laser -

Zero Suit Samus

  • Neutral Special: Paralyzer -
  • Side Special: Plasma Whip -
  • Up Special: Boost Kick -
  • Down Special: Flip Jump -
  • Final Smash: Gunship -

  • Neutral Special: Blast Shot -

Normal Attacks


  • Neutral attack:
  • Dash attack:
  • Forward tilt:
  • Up tilt:
  • Down tilt:

Zero Suit Samus

  • Neutral attack: Z.S. Samus strikes with the palm of her hand, followed by a shot from her pistol whip, and finishing off with an elbow hit. (2% damage for palm and pistol shot and 3% damage for the elbow)
  • Dash attack: Z.S. Samus does a flying kick forward. (6% damage)
  • Forward tilt:
  • Up tilt:
  • Down tilt:

Smash Attacks


Zero Suit Samus

Aerial Attacks


Zero Suit Samus

Grabs, Throws, and Pummel


Zero Suit Samus

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