04 SamusDojo
Metroid symbol
Queen of Space
Series Metroid
First appearance Metroid (1986)
Recent games Metroid Prime: Federation Force (cameo, 2016), Metroid: Other M (2010), Metroid Prime: Trilogy (2009)
Availability Starter
Final Smash Gunship
Home stage Chozo Ruins
Rival Alph

One of videogaming most well-known heroine, Samus Aran had to be in Super Smash Bros.! In her games, Samus fights against the menace of Metroids, jellyfish-like creatures that attach to other living beings in order to feed with their life energy. She has more enemies than friends: Kraid, Ridley, Mother Brain and Sylux are only a few of her complete black list. She relies a lot on her ranged attacks, even in Smash.


Samus is a tank. She can get many hits an counterattack until the opponent is KO'd. She has mixed attributes, being far better in the air than on the ground: her below average walking and dashing speed are balanced by a good air speed and an even better falling speed; this, combined with an heavy weight, gives her among the best endurance in the cast. Samus's wide array of ranged attacks allow her to poke opponents from afar and then strike them with very powerful finishers, such as down tilt or down smash. Samus's however has some weaknesses: she tends to over-rely on projectiles and/or spacing tools, having little to no combos. Plus, her offensive game is among the worst in the entire cast, not being able to aggressively win the neutral game but rather forcing the opponent to retreat. All in all, Samus does her best when as distance. Due to her prominent weaknesses, she virtually loses with any top or even some high tiered characters. However, her strengths attracted some players who allowed Samus to rise up a little in the tier, where she's ranked 14th out of 30.

Standard attacks

Ground attacks

  • Jab combo - a punch followed by an overhead slam with her arm cannon. The first hit hardly links into the second one at high percentages, but it’s a very useful reset tool.
  • Side tilt - a roundhouse kick. Samus’s best tilt and among the best moves in the game due to its speed, power and reach. A great spacing tool too.
  • Up tilt - an overhead kick. Has meteor abilities but only if the opponent was on the ground when hit. It covers a great area in front of Samus.
  • Down tilt - points her arm cannon down and creates an explosion. A wonderful vertical finisher, since it has very low start-up lag and thus can be used when trying to finish a stock after a combo.
  • Dash attack - a shoulder tackle. Considered among her worst attacks.
  • Forward Smash - thrusts her arm cannon forward, creating an explosion as well. Deals low damage, but has very low start-up lag and somewhat high knockback. The explosion is even stronger.
  • Up Smash - fires five bursts of fire in arc above herself. While not having a great knockback, the move can rack up damage pretty easily, as each explosion deals more damage than the previous one.
  • Down Smash - sweeps her leg first in front of, then behind her. This move’s very high knockback and horizontal launch angle allow Samus to edge-guard her opponents easily, as well as kill opponents, with the back hit being a little weaker than the front one.

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial - a swiveling roundhouse kick that hits in both directions. Has many positive attributes, such as a low start-up, high power and the biggest auto-cancel window in the entire game.
  • Forward aerial - swings her arm cannon, whose point is covered by ice, in arc. The move can freeze at extremely high percentages while being also able to spike. Has pretty high landing lag.
  • Back aerial - kicks backward. Becomes weaker the longer it stays out. Pretty impressive reach, outspacing many sword attacks.
  • Up aerial - an upwards drill. Drags opponents with Samus.
  • Down aerial - swings her arm cannon downwards, in arc. Can meteor smash opponents, but due to the precision needed it’s considered to be a worse alternative to her forward aerial.

Grab and throws

  • Grab - grabs opponents with her Grapple Beam. While airborne becomes an useful spacing tool. Can disrupt approaches.
  • Pummel - whacks her opponent with a hand.
  • Forward throw - slams her opponent forward with her Grapple Beam. Like every other Samus’s throws, pretty useless.
  • Back throw - tosses her opponent behind her with the Grapple Beam. Slightly more useful than her other throws due to its higher knockback, but still a forgettable move.
  • Up throw - kicks her opponent upward. Samus’s worst throw and overall the worst throw in the game due to its slowness, low knockback, weird launch angle and low damage.
  • Down throw - slams her opponents down with the Grapple Beam. Little to no use outside of situational tech-chases.

Special moves

Move Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Plasma Beam 3% (shot), 28% (fully charged Charge Shot) Samus shoots a weak beam from her arm cannon. By holding down the special move button, Samus will begin charging up her Charge Shot. It will become stronger the longer she charges it. The Charge Shot has actually some very good KO power while the simple Plasma Shot can be an useful spacing tool.
Side Special Ice Missile 7% Samus shoots a homing missile. When it explodes, there’s a chance it will freeze the opponent. The higher is her or his damage, the higher is the chance.
Up Special Screw Attack 13% (total) Samus leaps upward, releasing some strong electric attacks. The attack itself can be used for recovery, although the jump height isn’t the best. Can KO near the upper blast line at 100%+.
Down Special Bomb 4% (contact), 6% (explosion) Samus transforms into her Morph Ball and releases a bomb. When used in the air, Samus can easily change her direction or her momentum, as well as allowing her to travel at a slight distance. The bomb has impressive shield breaking ability for its low damage.
Final Smash Gunship 15% (per beam, if all hits connect) Samus jumps inside her gunship. Then she can freely move a cursor. By pressing the attack button, she can shoot a powerful beam. Samus can shoot up to 5 beams before she has to leave the gunship. Based on Samus’ gunship, present in many Metroid titles.


  • Fighting stance: taken from Super Metroid
  • On-screen appearance: emerges from a space spot.
  • Up taunt: shoots a spark upwards, then points the cannon downwards.
  • Side taunt: points the arm cannon back, then forth.
  • Down taunt: dissembles the arm cannon, then reassembles it.
  • Winning animation 1: takes her armor off and says, "Surprised, huh?"
  • Winning animation 2: enters in her Gunship, then flies away.
  • Winning animation 3: as a Morph Ball, rolls all over the screen then performs the forward smash
  • Losing animation: claps without the helmet.
  • Idle: checks the arm cannon
  • Idle: taps the visor
  • Idle: points the arm cannon down
  • Walking animation: taken from Super Metroid
  • Dashing animation: taken from Metroid: Other M
  • First jump: taken from Super Metroid
  • Double jump: the sideways jump from the first Metroid games.

Alternative costumes

  • Default: Samus's design in Metroid: Other M. Orange armor, red chest and helmet and green cannon.
  • White: based on the Light Suit. White armor, chest and helmet and green cannon.
  • Purple: based on the Gravity Suit. Purple armor, red chest and helmet and green cannon.
  • Blue: based on the Fusion Suit. Blue and yellow armor, red chest and helmet and green cannon.
  • Grey: based on the PED Suit. Blue-grey armor, red chest and helmet and green cannon.
  • Brown: based on the Dark Suit. Brownish armor, helmet and cannon and grey chest.
  • Black: based on Dark Samus's design. Black armor, chest, cannon and helmet.

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