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Universe Metroid
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSB/SSBM/SSBB/SSB4
Availability Starter
Final Smash Zero Laser

Samus (サムス, Samus) returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. V. She was confirmed along with Link, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Fox, Kirby, Yoshi, and Inkling in the Official SSBV trailer + Inkling Reveal Trailer shown at E3 in 2018. Her appearance is pretty much the same, with a small update to resemble the power suit in “Metroid: Next Gen”.

Samus’s alternate costume is confirmed to be her Light Suit in which she sacrifices weight for speed.

Changes from Smash 4


Like every other veteran, Samus now appears much more vibrant and her appearance is more based off her appearance in her games with a small realistic touch.


Slightly faster dash speed.

Slightly increased weight

Ground Attacks

Forward tilt comes out faster

Aerial Attacks

Up Air is executed faster and Samus niw has an electric effect around her when executing it

Back Air comes out faster and it can now be used twice in a single hop

Grabs and Throws

No changes

Special Moves

Bomb contact damage decreased

Zero Laser power increased

Special Moves

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Charge Shot 3% (min), 25% (max) Samus charges up a ball of energy and fires it.
Alternate 1 Melee Charge Shot 5% (min), 18% (max) Fires a "shotgun blast" of energy that only hits at point-blank range.
Alternate 2 Spazer Beam 3% (each) Samus shoots 3 green tinted beams forward. Each hit separately. They also have little to no knockback at all.
Side Special Missile 5% (homing), 10% (super) Samus fires either a Missile that homes in on the target or a Super Missile that accelerates in a straight line.
Alternate 1 Turbo Missile 4% (homing), 9% (super) Missiles pause in the air once fired before shooting out at high speed.
Alternate 2 Boost Ball 13%(first hit), 7%(second hit) Similar to Sonic's Burning Spin Dash in function. Aesthetically Samus rolls into a ball glowing a yellow tint and leaving a trail of yellow behind. Easily combos into the neutral and back aerial at lower percents and the up aerial at med-higher percents.
Up Special Screw Attack 2% (ground hit 1), 1% (ground hits 2-11), 1% (air hits 1-12) Samus leaps upwards in a high speed front flip of energy.
Alternate 1 Screw Rush 2% (ground hit 1), 1% (ground hits 2-11), 1% (air hits 1-12) Deals damage more sporadically with more control.
Alternate 2 Space Jump Samus uses her boots to hover upwards similar to ROB's up air. Just like ROB, she can attack while using it.
Down Special Bomb 3% (contact), 5% (explosion) Samus rolls up and drops a bomb, which explodes on a timer.
Alternate 1 Slip Bomb 2.5% (grounded explosion), 3.5% (aerial explosion) Bombs deal little damage, but trip grounded opponents and meteor aerial ones.
Alternate 2 Mega Bomb 3% (contact), 9% (explosion) Can only have one out at a time, but deals more damage.
Final Smash Zero Laser 0.5% (fringe loop), 2.5% (main loop), 2.5% (fringe last), 6.5% (main last) Samus fires a huge beam across the stage. The laser can be angled slightly up or slightly down.

Animations and Misc.


SIDE - Faces the screen and demonstrates the Arm Cannon mechanics.

UP - Salutes vigorously with her left arm as her Gravity Booster pulses.

DOWN - Holding her arm cannon with her left hand, she aims behind her, then kneels and aims lower in front of her.

Character Selection Screen Animation

Samus fires off explosive blasts from her arm cannon.

On Screen Appearance

Arrives from a save point.

Victory Animations

Shoots multiple shots while kneeling, and finishes with a pose.

Side kick flexes and readies her Arm Cannon.

Punches twice, then fires from her Arm Cannon.

Losing Animation

Samus is seen clapping

Crowd Cheer

“Sa - mus!”

Victory Theme

A flourished remix directly from Brawl based on the sound clip that would play when Samus Aran obtained a new power-up or addition to her Power Suit. It would also play when Samus defeated Ridley and Kraid. It is shared with Zero Suit Samus.

Fighting Stance

Retains her fighting stance from SSB4.

Idle Poses

Checks her arm cannon

Puts arm cannon down


Retains her walking animation from SSB4.


Retains her dashing animation from SSB4.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap

Color Origin/Description
Locked First
Locked Second


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