NSM Samus
Metroid Symbol1
Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire
Series Metroid
First appearance Metroid (1986)
Recent game Metroid: Other M (2009)
Availability Starter
Final Smash Zero Laser
Home stage Chozo Ruins

Samus Aran returns for the fifth time in Super Smash Bros. NeXt. This extraordinaire bounty hunter travels in many worlds to defeat her foes and to destroy Metroid's threat. Samus' most famous enemies are the Space Pirates, their leader Ridley, Mother Brain and many other bounty hunters such as Sylux. In NeXt, Samus received considerable buffs.


Samus' fighting style relies most on projectiles. In NeXt, Samus has access at four different projectiles: her new jab (she can also walk while jabbing), her new Standard Special (the Plasma Beam), her Side Special (Missiles) and her new Down Special (Charge Shot, previously her Standard Special). Samus' recovery has also improved with better jumps and Screw Attack. Also, Samus has become faster. On the other hand, she falls much faster, hindering her horizontal recovery but powering up her vertical one and, due to the knockback formula returned to Melee's, she has a better survivability, due to her improved gravity.

Changes between Smash 4

Samus has been immensely buffed from Smash 4 to NeXt.


  • Samus is faster in walking, dashing and jumping speed.
  • Samus has higher falling speed and gravity.
  • Samus can now crawl. She also gained an unique crawl attack: by pressing A while crawling, she creates a bomb that quickly explodes and boosts her.

Ground attacks

  • Jab now is a projectile. If held, she keeps shooting. The shoots can reach mote than half Final Destination, making this a good camping tool. Also, by holding B and walking, she can shoots when moving.
  • Dash attack's hitbox comes out faster.
  • Side tilt lost the sourspots.
  • Down tilt's knockback increased.
  • Up Smash's first hits connect better with the last one, that's stronger.
  • Down Smash's knockback increased.
  • Forward Smash comes out faster.

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial is a simple sex kick like Brawl's.
  • Forward aerial has a single flame effect instead of five explosions. While losing its multi-hit propriety, it gained more spacing abilities.
  • Down aerial lost its sourspot.
  • Up aerial has a vacuum effect, meaning that can trap into it.

Grab and throws

  • Grapple Beam is faster.

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special is now Plasma Beam. Charge Beam is now her down Special.
  • Missiles improved: Homing Missiles have better homing proprieties while Super Missiles are stronger and can explode by creating another Super Missile, allowing to quickly shooting Super Missiles.
  • Screw Attack covers more horizontal and vertical distance.


Ground attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Jab 6% Samus shoots a powerful energy ball. It covers more than the half of Final Destination. If moving forward or backward before pressed A, it's possible to walk while shooting.
Side tilt 9% (angled), 8% (neutral) Samus performs a roundhouse kick.
Up tilt 13% (aerial), 12% (ground) Samus does an axe kick. The feet has meteor proprieties.
Down tilt 12% Samus points her blaster arm downward and creates an explosion. Can KO at about 120%.
Dash Attack 10% (clean), 6% (late) Samus shoulder rams her opponents.
Forward Smash 15% (fire), 13% (cannon) Samus points her cannon forward and creates an explosion, that's the sweetspot of the attack.
Up Smash Cover Fire 3% (hits 1-4), 12% (hit 5) Samus creates five explosions above her. The last his has good knockback, KOing at about 100%.
Down Smash 10% (hit 1), 12% (hit 2) Samus performs a sweeping kick hitting both sides.

Aerial attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Neutral aerial 8% (clean), 5% (late) A sex kick, faster and with a bigger hitbox than her previous neutral aerial.
Forward aerial 9% Samus moves her cannon, creating a trail of fire. Good spacing move, as the recoil moves Samus backward.
Back aerial 14% (clean foot), 12% (clean leg), 9% (late) Samus does a powerful backward kick. Her best KOing tool when in the air.
Up aerial 3% (hit 1), 1% (hits 2-5), 4% (hit 6) Samus performs an upwards drill. Has a vacuum effect, that allows to trap opponents inside.
Down aerial 10% (early), 14% (clean), 11% (late) Samus swings her cannon downwards. The sweetspot has meteor smash effects.
Grab aerial 2% (early), 3% (late) Samus uses her Grapple Beam in the air.

Grab and throw

Move Damage Description
Grab -% Samus uses her Grapple Beam as an extended grab. Has the best grab reach in the game.
Pummel 1% Samus quickly fists the opponent.
Forward throw 9% Samus twirls the opponent above her head then throws her or him forward.
Back throw 8% Samus swings her opponent backward.
Up throw 1% (hits 1-5), 4% (throw) Samus points her opponent upwards, then blasts her or him upward.
Down throw 6% Samus throws her opponent downward, allowing her for a follow up such as her forward aerial.

Other attacks

Move Damage Description
Floor attack (front) 7% Samus kicks both sides and wakes up
Floor attack (back) 7% Samus kicks both sides and wakes up
Ledge attack 7% Samus climbs onto the edge and sweep kicks.
Crawl attack 12% (explosion), 7% (dash) Samus creates a bomb that explodes and launches her forward. This move can only be done while crawling.

Special Moves

Move Name Damage Description
Standard Special Plasma Beam 13% (clean), 11% (late) Samus fires a powerful green beam that travels quickly forward. It has good knockback, KOing at 134%.
Standard Special: custom move 1 Plasma Projectile 18%, 22% (explosion) This variation makes the beam exploding, while being stronger but slower.
Standard Special: custom move 2 Plasma Shield 5% (per hit) The beam becomes a shield-like projectile. It reflects projectile but is slower and weaker.
Side Special Missile 5% (homing), 10% (super) Samus creates a missile: by simply attacking she creates a homing missile which follows the opponents, if performed like a Smash attack, she creates a Super Missile that is faster and inflicts higher damage.
Side Special: custom move 1 Relentless Missile 3% (homing), 12% (super) Normal Missiles move much slower and persistently chase the target but are weaker; Super Missiles travels less range but are stronger.
Side Special: custom move 2 Turbo Missile 4% (homing), 9% (super) Missiles pause in the air once fired before shooting out at high speed at the cost of damage.
Up Special Screw Attack 2% (ground hit 1), 1% (ground hits 2-11), 1% (air hits 1-12) Samus leaps upwards in a high speed front flip of energy.
Up Special: custom move 1 Screw Rush 2% (loop), 5% (last) Deals damage more sporadically with more control.
Up Special: custom move 2 Apex Screw Attack 2% (hit 1), 9% (ground hit 2), 7% (air hit 2) Moves only vertically and hits only twice.
Down Special Charge Shot 3%-25% Samus charges up a ball of energy and fires it.
Down Special: custom move 1 Dense Charge Shot 4%-27% Takes longer to charge. Shots fired deal slightly more damage and travel at an extremely slow speed; up to three uncharged shots can exist at once.
Down Special: custom move 2 Melee Charge Shot 5%-18% Fires a "shotgun blast" of energy that only hits at point-blank range.
Final Smash Zero Laser 1% (fringe loop), 2% (main loop), 3% (fringe last), 6% (main last) Samus fires a huge beam across the stage. The laser can be angled slightly up or slightly down.



  • Checks her arm cannon
  • Puts arm cannon down


  • Up: Thrusts her hand behind her while the jets on her back light up.
  • Side: Part of her arm cannon comes out, with the Zero Laser part shown.
  • Down: Points her arm cannon behind her, then in front of her

Fighting stance

Retains her one from Smash 4.

Victory poses

  • Shoots multiple times while kneeling, then finishes with a pose.
  • Punches twice then shoots with her Arm Cannon.
  • Checks her Arm Cannon, then shoots with it.

Losing animation

Claps to the winner.

On-screen appearance

Arrives from a save point.

Walking and dashing animation

  • Walk: walks holding her arm cannon.
  • Dashing: dashes holding her arm cannon.


  • Dodge: rolls forward/backward in her Morph Ball
  • Sidestep: avoids incoming projectiles.
  • Air dodge: avoids projectiles while jumping.

Crowd cheer


Victory theme

A remix of Smash 4 victory theme for Metroid series, which is a remix of the song heard when Samus gets a power-up.

Trophy description

Criminals from all the galaxy, Samus Aran is here! With her Arm Cannon she can fire many types of projectiles and so she does in Smash Bros. series! In Metroid series, Samus goes in many planets to defeat her enemies such as Ridley, Kraid and Mother Brain. Do you know what's the suit's name? That's the Power Suit but she has many others such as the Light Suit and the Fusion Suit. Orphan when she was a little child, the alien race known as the Chozo adopted her and grew up the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy!

Appeared in: Metroid (NES, 8/86), Metroid: Other M (Wii, 11/10).