Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Strife.

SSB Metroid Series

Samus, the most lethal bounty hunter in the galaxy is in the battlefield again! She can trust on her great range moves and on her good jumps. She can make her fall slower with a new technique. Also, she can change her laser with her side taunt.

Changes between Super Smash Bros. Omega

  • Samus can't change to ZS Samus.
  • Samus can slow down her falling speed by holding the Jump Button. However, this technique can't be used in helpless status.
  • Changing Laser ability also effects the Missile.
  • Her Down Special is Bomb again.
  • Samus can crawl.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Charge Shot. Samus charges a big shot which can inflict from 3% to 25% of damage depending from the time charged.

Side Special: Missile. Samus shoots a missile. There is the little missile (slow, follows the opponent and inflicts 5% of damage) or the big missile (fast, inflicts 10% of damage). Samus can shoot an Ice Missle too, which inflicts 7% of damage, works like the big missile and can freeze the opponent.

Up Special: Screw Attack. Samus jumps and inflicts 7% of damage.

Down Special: Bomb. Samus summons a bomb, which inflicts 12% of damage.

Final Smash: Zero Laser. Samus shoots the greatest laser: the Zero Laser! It inflicts 78% of damage.

Strife Smash: Giga Bomb. Samus makes a giga bomb which inflicts 64% of damage.

Ability: Jet Pack. By holding Jump Button, Samus can slow down the falling speed.

Ability: Changing Laser. With her Side Taunt, Samus can change her laser from fire to ice and it's a two way street.

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