Samus will fight another time with her two suits: the Power Suit and the Zero Suit. Now you can change the suit by using the Down Special Attack. Samus is a Ranged character and her main element is Thunder, Zero Suit Samus is a Jumper character and her main element is Thunder.

Special Moves

Down Special: Suit Change. Samus changes her suit (Power Suit into Zero Suit and the opposite.)

Final Smash: Zero Laser. Samus shots the great Zero Laser which inflicts 78% of damage.

Power Suit Samus' Special Moves

Standard Special: Charge Shot. Samus charges a shot with her Cannon Arm. the shot inflicts from 3% to 25% of damage.

Side Special: Missile. Samus shots a missile. There are two kinds of missiles: the little missile (follows the opponents and inflicts 5% of damage) and the super missile (fast and inflicts 10% of damage).

Up Special: Screw Attack. Samus jumps in air and inflicts 7% of damage.

Special Ability: Changing Laser. Power Suit Samus can change her element by using her side taunt. She can use fire or ice beams.

Zero Suit Samus' Special Moves

Standard Special: Paralyzer. Samus uses her Paralyzer Shotgun to shot an electric attack which inflicts 4% of damage.

Side Special: Plasma Whip. Samus uses her Plasma Whip to inflict 19% of damage.

Up Special: Boosted Jump. Samus uses her Jet Boots to jump over and do a kick which inflicts 10% of damage.


-Samus is one of the four main characters in Story Mode along with Mario, Link and Luigi.

-She is also the only female protagonist in the Story Mode.

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