This is a Fantendo series about a young person in Japan who fights off an army from the Dark lands then take over the world. His rival is Lord Samubocon

Samurai man
Developer(s) LLRweegee
Publisher(s) LLRweegee
Platform(s) Stone,Sand,Volcano Platform,Dark dimension Platform,China,Japan, and Tokoyo.
Release Date(s)
Ultimate Armor


  • There was a game when The Samurai clan teamed up With Space Hero NASA to protect the world.
  • Samurai Man's name is John Kio Wasart.
  • The games were originaly odd pirated games.


John/Samurai Man Grew up in Japan learning from his Dad and his Older Brother. Later in the Dark Lands, a dead unknown dimension, located in a alternate version of Heaven the Superior Masters tried to make a Portal through energy and sneek in and take their statues where their bodies were cursed and escaped and attacked the Temple of Light. Later his Dad told John to take the Samurai Armor and use its ancient powers to fight of the Superior Masters. He later went to the Ancient Statues where some of the powers were locked up.