The Samuel Monsters series is the direct successor of previous PR: Saga series and was canon to the TV series. Unlike PR: Saga series, this game does not used Samuel Nakaoka as main character, instead using female protagonist named Animela (also My Unit in the later installments).


Animela Papercraft Monsters

The first installment of Samuel Monsters series in 2016. This story following the event of PR: Dream Bros and is about Bowser see the girl named Animela and he talks about Samuel Nakaoka's journey by becoming his assistant. However, Billy accidentally drawns into the Paper Mario Book of Life and merges with the evil Paper energy into an evil Papercraft menace known as Papercraft King Billy. Having shocking news about Billy has became corrupted Papercraft, Animela journey to find Seven Papercraft Stars in order to save the world from the evil Papercraft Kings.

Animela Dreamdimension

The second installment of Samuel Monsters series in 2017 as well the crossover of PR: Hyperdimension and Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE. This story is when Samuel Nakaoka Yin reuniting his Yang half, Yang Samuel Nakaoka ate Mystic Dream Stone for do not tell about the last remaining Dream Stone and fell into a deep slumber. His dream explodes cause to create a version of Hyperdimension called Dreamdimension and characters where they have personality difference. Unfortunately for Yang Samuel Nakaoka's behavior, he accidentally revive the Star Dream as well President Hartmann who was inside of it and taking Dream Energy in order to travel to the New World called Tokyo Mirage World. Bowser


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