Samuel Joo
Current Age 11 (Power Rangers Titan Showa
12 (Power Rangers Titan Heisei)
13, 14 (Power Rangers Titan Millenium)
Gender Male
Location Korean
Current Status Alive (deceased when the next reincarnation keeps alive)
Class All Classes
Joseph (brother)
John (unlikly brother)
Eureka (wife)
Dillain (son)
Family and Relations
Zelda (unlessly friend)
Baded (unless friend)Quagmire (unlessly friend)
Main Weapon(s) All of Weapons (main weapon)
Ability/ies Jack Power (main abilties)
Vulnerable To Unknown
Red Ranger
Princess Samuel (unlike)
First Appearance Power Rangers Titan

Samuel Joo is calm, lazy and speaks a lot and aggressive. He is friends with iCarly, Family Guy, the Power Rangers and Zelda. He is fighting against Shadow the Knight, Eustuce and Dr. Mikoto Nadakai. His main enemies are Clive, K'nuckles, and all villains! He is friends with Baded and Zelda. Zelda is angry mood about that and possesses Samuel's body.


Samuel using first time of Jack Power and all of transformations such as Super Saiyan and Hyper Saiyan. In Spirit Track, he sleeping because he told about Princess Zelda is taking away his Jack Power from his body and shocked. Samuel used Return to Control to play as a Titan. Outraged, Zelda keeping eye from him, but he sleeping in Zelda's bed which she get bad mood. Samuel go to training in the forest when he run off by angry Zelda. Samuel go to Hyrule Castle to meet his friends, but not for all. Samuel got the orange and mutating into Annoying Orange name Orange . He meet Quagmire, Anjean and Zelda telling what happened to her body. Before they must go, they met Orange and annoying at them. Expectually Zelda and makes angry. She possessing his body and taking away, but Samuel trying to get away from Zelda. She give away and Samuel furious and he want to fight. Quagmire trying to control of anger and he calm down.