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Samuel: Change Awakening (Samueru: Henkō no Kakusei サムエル:変更の覚醒?) is the second crossover of Power Rangers and Legend of Zelda series and successor of Samuel: Zelda Awakening. This features mostly like Pokemon and Spectrobes series where used the player and monsters fights. However, the most important features that Samuel Nakaoka the Second used Double-Tag to assist the Support Ally. This game was also take place before Power Rangers and the other series episodes.


Power Rangers: The Winds Awakening

The first game where been released on March 20, 2001 in Gamecube. This new and most possible feature used the Double-Tag with Komali. Take place before Zen-Aku's awakened.

Power Rangers: The Awakening and Force

Power Rangers: Hourglass of Future and Hourglass of the Past

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