Samuel's Party Monsters (Samueru Pātī サムエルパーティー?) is the party/monster-taming hybrid game which is used to catch monsters, minigames with their monsters, or even trade with your friends.


Early Stage

The original form of Samuel's Party Monsters was started as the party game. After it was started, it developes the Samuel Party and add monster-taming, upgrades into new series.

Samuel Party

Beginner Stage

After the first one was released, it was developed by the monster-taming and upgrade into an new version on the N64. The starts off to the Samuel's Party Monster to it's second sequel.

Samuel's Party Monsters

The upgraded version of the predecessor and the direct sequel. This game will be monster-taming and party game. Sam Puckett was now playable since she was absence in the first one. The players go along with their small and strange creatures called Plamosters to battle against to win the board game.

Samuel's Party Monsters 2

The sequel of Samuel's Party Monsters which is the battle was more improved. The new features will be monsters holding items to used it. Few of the characters were introduced as playables such as Sora Takenouchi who was first appeared in Singular Rider Prelude/Power Rangers: Digimon Movie, but shortly appeared to be love interest on Samuel.

Samuel's Party Monsters 3

The direct sequel of predecessor and the last N64 game before the UmJammer Lammy crossover.

Advanced Stage

After Samuel's Party Monsters 3, the fans will be celebrating about the series to the Gamecube. It will be started off to the Samuel's Party Monsters 4 to Samuel's Party Monsters 7th.

Samuel's Party Monster 4

Samuel's Party Monsters: Advances

Samuel's Party Monsters 5

Samuel's Party Monsters 6

Samuel's Party Monsters 7th

Transformed Stage

Samuel's Party Adventures

Spin-Off Stage

Samuel's Party Monsters 1/2

The spin-off Samuel's Party Monsters and set between of Samuel's Party Monsters 3 and 4. It was crossover of Samuel's Party Monsters and PaRappa the Rapper's spin-off UmJammer Lammy. Strangely, it was early released on Gamecube much as the fans shocked that was too fast, making the fast first game released before them.

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