Samuel's Party Monsters (Samuerupātī: Batorumon サムエルパーティー:バトルモン?) is the 3D monster-taming/party game hybrid as well sequel of the first one. It was released in Febuary 9, 1993 on both Japan and North America.


New Gameplay

  • Monster-taming features was permanently added.
  • Sam Puckett was now playable.
  • Evolution features added.
  • Customization features added.


Since the Party Game was over, Bowser discovered the amazing small creatures on the island.



  • Samuel Nakaoka Joo
  • Sam Puckett (New)
  • Freddy Benson
  • Spencer Shay
  • Carly Shay
  • Baed
  • Bulk


  • Bowser
  • Peter Griffin
  • Mario
  • Toad
  • Goomba
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Sora Takenouchi (first Samuel Party game appearance on Birthday Hallway)
  • Eureka (first Samuel Party game appearance on Tropical Isle)


Main article: Plamonsters


Jungle Daftriver

Birthday Hallway

The second board stage that Sora have a problem to her birthday party who needs something to her present.

  • After the second board when you played as Samuel Nakaoka, Bowser comments that Sora has a lovesickness since Samuel gets a present to her. Since she has a lovesickness, this may appeared be similarily canon to TV series because Bowser built his own.

Tropical Isle

Ground-Zero Bob-Omb

Pipe-Mazing Lab


4-Battle Minigames

1on3-Battle Minigames

2on2-Battle Minigames

One-Standing Minigames

Difference of the dub

  • When Sam Puckett losing the One-Standing Minigame and accidental space, she say "Why you Asshole!!" in the Japanese version, but quickly saying "Why you little?!" in the English version.
  • The blood was removed by the English version as the Plamonsters gets injured.
  • The chainsaw in Long Dungeon Comeback was replaced by laser to avoid violence in English version.


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