Samuel's Party: KingFlare/ZodiacNavy (サムエルパーティー:劇場獣と物語獣 Samueru Pātī: Gekijōjū to Monogatarijū?, Samuel Party Theater Beasts and Story Beasts) is the newest fourth Samuel Party Monster. It was released in July 21, 2014 in both Japan and North American as well other countries after long absence since Samuel's Party Monsters 3. As through 8 Super Comets and Samuel Party: Saver was shown is the spin-off and sequel, this game was revived as official Samuel Party Monster.


As through event of this series,



  • Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo/Umbran Mode (nicknaming Umbran by Bowser while in Umbran Mode, unlocked by completing this game)
  • Eureka
  • Peter Griffin
  • Toriko
  • Yuuto Sakurai
  • Melk the Second
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Donkey Kong
  • Yoshi
  • Wario
  • Bowser Jr.


  • Onoma (First English Dub appearance since does not used outside in anime world, unlocked by Eureka gets a Superstar)
  • Coco (unlocksed by Toriko gets a Superstar)
  • Dry Bones (unlocked by Bowser Jr. gets a Superstar)
  • Kritter (unlocked by Donkey Kong gets a Superstar)
  • Sunny (unlocked by Toriko in the second time or Coco gets a Superstar)
  • Koopa Kid (unlocked by Bowser Jr. in the second time or Kritter gets a Superstar)
  • Zebra (unlocked by Toriko in the third time, Coco in the second time or Sunny gets a Superstar)
  • Rosalina (unlocked by Peach or Daisy gets a Superstar)
  • Bayonetta (real name Cereza by Samuel Nakaoka and Bowser, unlocked by Samuel Nakaoka gets a Superstar)
  • Jeanne (unlocked by Bayonetta gets a Superstar)
  • Mako (unlocked by Samuel Nakaoka or Eureka gets a Superstar in the second time in Battleboss Board)
  • Hideki (unlocked by Samuel Nakaoka or Eureka gets a Superstar in the third time in Battleboss Board)
  • Ichiro (unlocked by Samuel Nakaoka gets a Superstar in the second time in Battleboss Board)
  • Yukika Karakuri (unlocked by any male characters when accidentally step to Yukika Space in Battleboss Board)
  • Rei Ayanami (unlocked by any characters after beating her in Limbo Hop)
  • Emil Castagnier (unlocked by Peter Griffin gets a Superstar)
  • Marta Lualdi (unlocked by Emil or Peter gets a Superstar in the second time)
  • Heather Mason (unlocked by any characters gets a Superstar in Battleboss Board)


  • Samuel Joo
  • Double Dee
  • Bowser
  • Rodin
  • Komatsu
  • Hunter J
  • Jinpachi
  • Revy (when the players hits her head, she angered attack them as temporarily enemy)
  • Dillain Joo
  • Asami Nakaoka (Option Room only)


Main Bosses

Minor Bosses

Battleboss Bosses


These Crysts were originally created as Devim by Eustace and used the bubbly Warp Pipe to trick Samuel. However, Bowser accidentally jack the bubbly Warp Pipe and instantly recreated into miraclous crystallized light.


Like long absence installments, these boards were freeaway, but need to get the mini-boss battle and defeat them. Once the players defeating the mini-bosses and turn ends, the main bosses will appears at them and defeats them. This two new introduced to the Battleboss and Hunting-Monsters Boards.

Main Boards

Battleboss Boards

Hunting-Monsters Boards

Minigames Battle

This Minigames Battle was retained, but upgraded after long absence as before previous installments.

Free-For-All Battle

  • Spin-Disc-Roar
  • Turbine Royale
  • Riders Battlers

1x3 Battle

  • Mechkoopa Attacks
  • Goombas Stampede

2x2 Battle

  • Clash Bash

1-Player Challenge

Battleboss Battle

Final Form Battle

This minigames were used the characters' final forms or powerful characters acting like bosses similar to 1-Player Challenge.

Differences of the dub

  • When Sunny lost the 1-Player Challenge and Last-Standing minigames or accidentally spaces, he yells "Oh Ship!" in the English verison instead of "Oh Shit!" in Japanese version.
  • When Peter Griffin lost the minigames, he yells "Oh My Gosh!" in the English version instead of "Oh My God!".
  • As Yuuto Sakurai gets a Superstar, he say "Alright, I'm am the Superstar!" in the English version instead of "Superstar? Alright!" in the Japanese version.
  • When Mako wins the minigames, she say "Alright!" in the English version instead of "I'm won!" in the Japanese version.
  • As Samuel Nakaoka lost the 1-Player or Last-Standing minigames or accidentally spaces, he yells "Oh No!!" in the English version replaced from of "(crying) Jeez!" in the Japanese version. However, it accidentally used Lost Flowers and Heatwave Caution.
  • When the players accidentally hit Revy's head, she yelled "Bastard!" in the Japanese version. However, in English version, she just says "Stupid!".
    • Also, the Japanese version has a shotgun only replaced by laser gun in the English version to make less realistic.


  • This game was originally named Samuel Party: Monster Fights, but renamed and changed all of the features.
    • It was also originally used Bowser, but replaced by Samuel Nakaoka who got hit and transformed again into Umbran form by Cryslight.