Sampson is a Pokémon Trainer from the game LEGO Pokémon: The Video Game he uses Dark type Pokémon. He is the first gym leader from the town of Yarrh.

Sampson appears as a very muscly and good looking man, he used to have a relationship with Delilah the leader of the Bula gym however she left him and broke his heart, since then he has remained single even though he has girls fawning over him. At the end of the game he is seen with a young girl on a date in Kanto at the Cerulean Cape.

When defeated Sampson gives you TM66 Payback a move which doubles the users attack when used after the opponent.


  • Murkrow Level 10 Peck/Astonish/Pursuit/Payback
  • Houndour Level 10 Smog/Howl/Ember/Payback
  • Absol Level 14 Feint/Taunt/Quick Attack/Payback.

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