Sammy Shokku
Sammy Shokku
Son of Samus Shokku, an Ancient Hero
Full Name Sammy Shokku
Gender Male
Location Lillipup Town
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Samus Shokku (mother)
Main Weapon(s) Various Electric Powers
First Appearance Faitingu: Origins
Latest Appearance Faitingu: Strengths
How do you think we'll get out of this cage?
Easy, let's break it open.
Yeah, cuz that worked SO WELL last time..
Yeah, just because you fell into the pool of boiling water after I shocked the cage does not necessarily make it MY fault.
Yeah, it does.
Lee Koroshi-Ya and Sammy Shokku, Faitingu: Origins

Sammy Shokku is an Electric-type Zangoose, and the most silent of the group (only talking much if in a tricky situation, such as being trapped) and is one of those people who never thinks about consequences. He is one of the main characters in the Faitingu series and is a good friend of Mokuzai Roguin. Sammy uses many electrical moves, such as Thunder Bolt, Discharge, Electro Ball, ect. and is able to use his super-sharp claws to an advantage.


Sammy is a normal looking Zangoose, with the only difference being the yellow coat of fur. After the final battle of Faitingu: Origins, however, Sammy wears two black leather gloves and has a big scar on his chest.

In the 2014 reboot, Sam now has a darker yellow coat, with silver strikes through it. Over his right eye, he has a red scar, which streaks through his fur, leaving a permanent mark. His claws are also stained with blood, while his back claw on his right hand is snapped at the tip. He also wears a fuchsia armband which depicts a monotone Mew with red eyes.


Faitingu: Origins

Sammy is one of the main heroes in the game Faitingu: Origins, where he is silent most of the game, mumbling many things throughout the game. He is shown to be two-years older then the other Ancient Heroes' descendants and lives in, like the other heroes, Lillipup Town.

In the final battle against Akuma Kodai and Enorma Zegn, Sammy is the last person to be playable and destroys the two main villains. Sammy gets a huge scar on his chest, due to Enorma scratching him.

Faitingu: Strengths

Sammy is, again, one of the main heroes of the game Faitingu: Strengths. Not much is known at this time of what happens to him, but it is known that he gets captured in the beginning of the game by the four main evil tyrants: Akuma Kodai, Krad Segno, Enorma Zegn and Orokana Honoo.

Fantendo Souls

Not much is known at this time about Sammy's role in the upcoming game Fantendo Souls, except that he will be playable. He will take on his appearance from the beginning of Faitingu: Origins, without the scar or gloves.

This marks Sammy's (and the other Ancient Heroes' descendants, except Lee and Julie) first appearance in a crossover game.


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