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Samantis is a character who first appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. She is a green praying mantis ninja that has kung fu abilities. She is a member of the WASP Team.


Samantis originally lived in a small farm with her parents when she was a little girl. But one night, a forest fire caused by Red Ants was loose and burns the forest and even Samantis's house down. She manages to escape with her father, but her mother dies from the fire.

Every year, Samantis and her father have a special day to mourn for their mother on the exact day she died. Samantis later became an Elite Hero to avenge her mother.


Samantis can perform Karate Chop combos along with a Karate Kick to break enemy blocks. She can also run over enemies with a Chopping Charge. In the air, she can pounce on enemy to enemy knocking them out.

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