Samantha Chi
Samantha Chi, Kid Kiba's sidekick.
Full Name Samantha Chi
Gender Female
Location Current: Ghoul Realm Apartments, Apt. B5
Former: Kangdara Tower, Bellfree
Class Vampire
Family and Relations
Kid Kiba (boyfriend)
Main Weapon(s) Fangs, Blood Cola, Bat Crystal
First Appearance Kid Kiba
Latest Appearance Kid Kiba II

Samantha Chi is a heroic vampire, and Kid Kiba's girlfriend. Samantha once resided with her boyfriend inside the Kangdara Tower, and later moved to Ghoul Realm Apartments, in apartment B5, across the hall from Kid Kiba. Samantha's family is known to include a brother, two sisters and her parents. Samantha has great untold powers seeping within her. Samantha is the secondary main character in the Kid Kiba series and has appeared in various spin-off games.


Kid Kiba

Samantha appears in Kid Kiba as a playable character for player 2. If, not playing in Co-Op mode, Samantha will appear as your partner, and will help you sometimes in defeating various enemies. If in Co-Op mode, her role is replaced by Kriip, Franky and/or Jack.

Fantendo Kart: Helden

Samantha appears in the game Fantendo Kart: Helden as an unlockable character. Samantha is unlocked by beating Creepy Cup as Kid Kiba. She is in the "Speeder" category and her stats are:

Character Class Personal Karts Stat Changes Special Item
Samantha Speeder Lightning Strike
Crystal Crusher
Speed - 8/10

Acceleration - 7/10
Weight - 5/10
Drift - 1/10
Handling - 7/10
Rarity - 6/5

Bat Crystal

Kid Kiba II

Samantha is set to appear in Kid Kiba II. Her role is so far unknown.

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