Samad Wiggler

As you you can tell he's mostly blue with a little red in the back. That is because he has been damged 1 time instead of all 7 times. In the beginning he is all blue. His body parts get redder and redder until after the 6th time, by then he is fully red and steaming. After the seventh time he turns white and starts shrinking, eventually disappearing and then making the Shine Sprite appear in his place.

Samad Wiggler
is a boss in New Super Mario Sunshine. You have to make him slip on water 7 times. Each time you hurt him a part of him turns red and his theme (and he) goes faster. After hitting him seven times he get's filled with rage and goes very fast like his theme. When you hit him the seventh time he dies and you receive a Shine Sprite.


  • His first theme is the slowed down theme you can listen to in Super Mario Sunshine if you press the Z button slow after you defeat the Wiggler Boss. His final theme is the Really Fast version that can be listened to after you defeat the Wiggler Boss and press the Z button fast in Super Mario Sunshine.

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