For Fantendo sake!!
Yelling at Textreme during the Intro cutscene, Fantendo:Infected

Sam the Koopa
His appearence (Made by MidnightYoshi)
Current Age 14 years old.
Gender Male
Location Toad Town
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Koopa Troop
Family and Relations
Fire John(brother)
Main Weapon(s) His own shell
Ability/ies Shell Bash, Great Wave.
Vulnerable To Unknown
Samuel Koopa
First Appearance Fantendo Football League
Latest Appearance Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis

Sam The Koopa is a Blue Koopa with a blue letter S on his chest, and he got "eyes" on his shoes, sharp canine and fake green shell tattos. His emblem is a Blue Koopa Shell with an eye. He likes video games the most, and he dislike vulgar words. He is as energinic as a Koopa can but also have high HQ. He is timid and is sensible to death, however, in his world, nothing will born nor die, so he sastified to live there. His currunt homekingdom is the Mushroom Kingdom. He prefer balanced stat, so he can overrun any situation. Although friendly and rash, he is part of the Bowser's Koopa Troop. He is quite skillful. However, Kamek mistook him for an enemy and Sam have run away from this.


He appears as a captain of his team "Team Mega-Bus." This team appears in Flame Football 2011. He also stars in a new game called Super Sam Squad, where his brother, Fire John, who appeared for the first time ever. He can Shell Dash when he run fast enough. He appeared again in Fantendo: Infected, as leader of the Koopa-Pesh Team. His Ultimate Special Attack is Great Wave.


He is more mature than Fire John but also more naive. He also kind at people who respect him correctly. When bullied, however, he become really angry and will not calm down until that bully injured or made an right excuse.


He is neutral because he is curruntly a agent double after he defeted Clarx. Bowser actually like him does to not only his unexpected, great effort, but he also alway obey him unless he is not part of his plan.



  • Through he is the Captain of his team, his name isn't included on the Team Name.