Someone have attacked Peach's Castle! But who? Only Sam can help!

Episode 1: Who Attacked Peach's Castle?

Chapter 1: Unexpected Problum.

This is Sam The Koopa! AKA Samtendo09. Let me tell you about my first adventure on my own;

I take a walk and see anything usual or not. But when I see a Toad scream and run in a circle, I told him "What going on? Is someone attacked?" He reply me "Not someone, but Peach's Castle! Look!!" I ran with Toad when a thunder strike Peach's Castle alot. It not normal at all! So I tend to stay away until it stopped, but then now I hear a roar (That's not Bowser's.) and a laugh. "Foolish humen and monsters and robots! This tower reached too many height! I will conquer the whole land and sea...because I want to conquer the Earth! Gwahahahaaaa!" Then a final strike is at us! Something goes really worng! Peach goes sad while the other are mad as they never let this happen. The question is: Who? And why it will do it? Small mystery, big problum. You know what I mean? That's right...Time to get that criminal!!

Chapter 2: Criminal Hunting Time.

It is stated that it is big and long, and possibly green. I'm not sure who is it but it better pay for it no matter the reason, obviously! Nobody have right to destroying Peach's Castle. Then the gang unite up. They then seperated in order to get that criminal. Yoshi, who is embarrased, told me "Get to the South Beach and ask Kyogre, because I have a feeling that the criminal might be a Pokémon itself. It doesn't speak the Pokémon!" I do what Yoshi suggust and then hear an earthquake! It's Groudon, who dig up here and warn Yoshi. "Yoshi? I had bad news that I should told this to anyone as possible." He whipser the news and then Yoshi screams and yelled "Sam!! Arceus is attacked!! Keep going on your path, I and my company will save him!" I ran as fast as possible. Sonic arrived and accendently bash me. "Oh! Sorry about that. I was chasing the criminal, then...Oh shoot! It's escaped! Atleast I know who is-" Then he hear an unusual scream. "Gotta keep going. Sorry." Then he ran at full speed.

Chapter 3: Kyogre in Trouble!

"Help me now!!" Yell Kyogre whose in trouble. He attacked by Fearows! But they got ridden by Kirby, Mega Man and Billy Hatcher. Mega Man yells "And stay back until you know how to respect someone like him!!" Billy reply "That's the spirit. That will severly teach them!" Then I ran at them what happening. I understood and reply "Talk about some big news! A Legendary Pokémon...serve the other Flying Type Poké get rid of Arceus and his friends!" Kirby said "You understood. Now, let continue our request!" Kyogre then yell "Wait! I have something to tell you..."

Chapter 4: Rayquaza's True Side.

When Kyogre is about to speak, I interrupt him by saying "Sorry for interrupt you, but why those Fearows attacked you?" Kyogre reply: "This is because it's Rayquaza's Henchmen. Billy have been confused and said "Henchmen? Why would Rayquaza have them?" Then he understand and told everyone "Wait! Rayquaza is the criminal! It horrible!" Kyogre reply "Goodness! That's the rumor is! He want to take over the Earth! And want to get rid of me and Groudon, my arch-rival!!" Then Rayquaza appear and said "That's right! Your planet will be mine, Kyogre and you boys! Once I get the Earth, I will also conquer the whole universe by get rid of Arceus, even through he knew it! Gwahahahahahahaaaa!!" Then he fire his Hyper Beam at us, but luckily, it is blocked by Kyogre, and stay alive. He then use another one but he completly forget to recharge after using Hyper Beam! Kyogre counter it with Ice Beam. BAM! Rayquaza have fainted and caught by Groudon who suddenly appear. Groudon said "I didn't know he's going to do that! But I'm glad that's over...for now. I must put him to the Jail Dimension before he woke up. See you boys!"

Anything being OK after 3 days, but the questions is:

  • Why Rayquaza will do that?
  • What Arceus feels when this happened?
  • How Rayquaza can be extremely territoritional?

This is the mystery that will be solved at the next episode!


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