Sam (Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon)
Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Sam's appearance
Full Name Sam
Gender Male
Location Twinleaf Town
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon

Sam is a protagonist in Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon. He is from Twinleaf Town. His partner pokémon is Cyndaquil. He is friends with Sarah, Zoren, and Lucy.


Sam often acts somewhat child-like and silly. However he is quite smart and uses his intelligence when his friends are in danger. He values his friends above all else.


Before the events of Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon, Sam lived in Twinleaf Town. Through most of his life he was best friends with Zoren. For one year when Zoren temporarily moved to Sandgem Town, he became friends with Sarah, who had moved to Twinleaf Town that year. However, then next year Zoren moved back to Twinleaf Town, and Sarah moved to Jubilife City.

Partner PokémonEdit

Sam's partner pokémon is Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil first evolves in Chapter 9, where it is caused to evolve by the combination of Yancy's Tynamo's Charge Beam, and Cyndaquil's Ember. Cyndaquil's stage one evolution is a Quilava with a yellow wavy marking running down each side of its body, the mark occasionally has a spark of electricity pass through it, turning the mark blue. When in stage one evolution, Quilava is able to use Electric attacks in addition to its normal attacks.