Sam is a main character appearing in Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!!. He was King Plumber's loyal servant, who later became hero over the course of events in Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!!.


Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!! Part 1

Sam is King Plumber's loyal servant and appears in the prologue. In chapter 3, he is ordered to find the Fantendo Heroes and jumps through a portal to find them. He finds Ybrick after venturing through a grassy field and heading to a Crystal Palace where he meets Princess Crystalline and Ybrick, the latter of which follows him through another portal.

Through the portal he stumbles into a tree where he meets P Nut and Peanut Jon, taking both of them into the next portal. They land in McBoo's mansion, where they battle Luigi, Mario and the Toads to free McBoo, Ghoularry, Akro Bat and O'Lantern. The eight appear into another portal where they meet Kirby, who help them find YoshiEgg Nook and Bloop.

After recruiting Chuchuchu in the Pokémon Stadium, they come across Lightbulb Kirby who after some consideration, believe to be a hero and have them join up with the fellowship. They are later attacked by a being known as ShadowPuppet (also known as 3User4. ShadowPuppet is the fusion of a banned user and 3.14.) who Moyan later attacks. Sam leaves the two to battle because he's not very bright. However before he can run, Shadow Puppet traps Sam and Moyan leaves Sam along with the rest of the group. They come to the assumption that ShadowPuppet is working for a bigger bad guy named Queirus and wonder what he wants with Sam.

The group then comes back to battle Shadow Puppet, unfusing the user and 3.14 in the process. They then run to Querius' palace and tell him directly, straight up, that they're going to kill him. Queirus then escapes by flying away in the direction of King Plumber and Fantendo Castle. As the heroes run to the castle, they witness Queris killing King Plumber and 6 of the dark ones taking his corpse away.

The six dark ones shake Sam and make him drop the seventh dark one, allowing Queris to rule Fantendo. Millions of Banned Users start to appear and incircle Sam and friends. Micool then quickly comes to the kingdom using the power of blazing sword to strike Querius. Querius turns Micool into stone. As the group battles Queris, a void appears and begins to suck up Fantendo Castle. But then a dark blue shape flew through the air. It was covered in a dark blue robe, it's face hidden in a deep hood. King Plumber turned and shouted (even though he should be and totally is dead) "My friend! You have come!".

The robed figure turns out to be Unten and he shoves Queris' dead body into the void. However, the void contuines to suck the castle up, so Plumber looks at Unten and Unten knows what he has to do, allowing himself to be sucked into the void, where it dissipates. Plumber sheds a tear despite being dead. He then says "Fantendo is safe." But it's totally not because there's still about 32 more chapters left.

Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!! Part 2

Unten's sacrifice turns out to be completely wasted as Indi555 slams into the doors demanding to fight, only to see a void getting bigger and bigger. Sam then realizes the reason it's still getting bigger is because the User Crystal was stolen. However, despite the fact Queris took it earlier, it's actually in a forest according to Unten's compass.

Sam and co. arrive at the entrance to the Forest of Fan only to be told by Unten's ghost that the User Crystal is in the evil part of the forest. Sam is given the Light Sword that Unten used to kill Queris. They then meet Bowser and the nine Koopalings (which has greatly expanded since then) where they learn that one of them hid the User Crystal. Elly helps them find it and they defeat the Seven Dark Ones who randomly appear.

Sam heads back to the Fantendo Castle, but since there has to be at least 24 more chapters of this, there's a spot of dirt on the crystal, which Sam, like any sane person would do, rubs it off and finds that the crystal is glowing purple now and leaves his grip, creating Darktendo. Plumber attempts to tell Sam how to fix it but is zapped by lightning. I think he'll be fine considering he's supposed to already be dead.

They then suddenly remember Lightbulb Kirby exists and see him go into Darktendo. They learn that his name is Luz from a spooky voice. Sam then looks on the light sword for clues on where this plot is going and reads an engraving.

A light shall shine, destroying the dark. Throw this sword into the spark.

Sam throws the sword into Luz and it somehow works, making Luz shine super bright. Darktendo vanished and the User Crystal became normal again. Then they realized Luz was dead and despite just learning his real name, weep for his sacrifice which wasn't even his choice. Shortly after, two other persons fell out Darktendo. Two Pouchettes, one named Pesh, the other Pashie. They learn that Pesh and Pashie were meant to be sacrifices for a dark beast by their nemesis E. Vil Oldton. They then learn Luz is still alive because Pesh and Pashie saw them. They head to the Beast's palace.

They learn that the Beast becomes super powerful if it eats a shiny heart and that E. Vil Oldton is planning to use it to take over Fantendo. When they arrive to the beast's lair, Peanut Jon gets eaten to great indifference by everyone. However, Peanut Jon is still alive and is kicking in the Beast's organs, where he meets Luz, who has become super important all the sudden. In a grossly inaccurate route through the body, they have a RPG Battle with the Beast's Nose. They continued up the nose and saw an exit, but it was too steep. Peanut Jon accidentally tickled the beast with his tail and they got sneezed out. This is a thing that really happens in the story.

In a extremely baffling move, Pesh decides to go back to the Beast's lair to put him back to sleep and they meet The Apprentice who reveals that the Enemy is involved. They head to the Beast's lair and battle him in another RPG battle which the Enemy was watching the whole time. The enemy states that he wants to create chaos and tells them he is going to revive the Beast, but King Plumber disagrees heavily with this plan. They battle the Enemy in another RPG style combat (it's seriously not that interesting to read).

The Fan appears and protects the heroes from the Enemy's zero beam. They then try to get back to Fantendo, but learn the gates have been cursed. Suddenly, the Quick Crew flies in Blunt's plane and tells them that a dead guy (Queris) and another dead guy (The Beast) have fused and are napping outside of the gate. The Quick Crew then battle with the light sword.

What has Sam done since giving Luz the light sword? Absolutely nothing until now. Sam tells Peanute Jon and Luz to get onto the other side of the gate and get on the fused Beast's back, giving them a walky talky. They kill the Beast, which Plumber agonizes over despite the fact he told none of them not to kill the Beast. Sam then battles a bunch of Banned Users with the light sword. They then realize the Banned Users are only going to come back stronger and indeed, they already have by spamming EVERY PAGE ON FANTENDO!!!

Then in a super meta thing that doesn't really work, they revert the Beast like a page and revert everything back to normal but then another void opens. Querius comes out, saying he is super powerful and that the light sword has no effect on him. They jump into the void after realizing they can't make another better sword. And that's where part 2 leaves off...

Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!! Part 3

They head to the Nintendo World and make their way to the Legend of Zelda world and copy the Master Sword, creating the Super Sword. Sam and co. head back to Fantendo. When they arrived, the destruction was terrible. Fan City was in ruins, and Querius had control over Fantendo. Sam kills Queris and then flies into the void, knowing a sacrfice must be made. And that is the end of Sam's tale... for now.