Full Name Sam
Current Age 18
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Class Heroine
Main Weapon(s) Blue Fierball

Sam Matsuda (Japanese: サムマトスダ Matsuda Azuka) is a fictional character in the Nintendo GameCube Game: Super Mario Zone!, in the game, she is a young girl whom loved Mario ever since he saved Princess Peach from Bowser, from then on she has been searching for him, unfortunately, he would always come up short, but when she hears that he will be making an appearance in Peach's Castle, she heads over there to finally fulfill her dream.

Like Mario, she can use Blue Fireballs, Power jump and Mystic Mushroom to help her in her quest, she is also an unlockable player in Super Smash Bros. Adventure as well; To unlock her, the player must pass the adventure mode with any character.