Salty Alty's Saltventure

Salty Alty's Saltventure is a game made by Karoler Industries and it is the first game in the Salty Alty series. It features Salty Alty as its main character and many features such as jumping, salt guns, and much more.

This game is set to release in 2015 for the PC.


This game features Salty Alty, who is living a peaceful life in the city of Karoland. One day however, a man named Peppery Eppery comes down in a spaceship and threatens to release a gas he calls "Sneezing Pepper" which will make everyone sneeze until they die. Salty alty doesn't give in to Peppery Eppery, so Peppery Eppery releases the Sneezing Pepper on the town, making everyone sneeze. Peppery Eppery leaves and Salty Alty chases after him.


Salty Alty's Saltventure is a platformer, but it brings in new elements such as Salt Guns.


Salty Alty can jump, but not very high. He makes up for his low jumps later on, when he gets the Salty Jetpack, which allows him to double jump in the air.

Salt Guns

Salty Alty starts out with a salt gun, that has unlimited ammo but shoots very weak shots. He can upgrade his gun later on, or he can use the Salt Bazooka which has less ammo, but a more powerful shot.


Salty Alty can slide on the ground if you press down and any arrow keys. If you slide into enemies, you will trip them.


Enemies Found Everywhere

Pepper Boy

Pepper Boys are a type of machine that will shoot pepper if you get close enough. They are somewhat easy to kill, as you can kill them with the normal salt gun in 5 shots.


A Pepper Boy with a propeller that allows it to shoot pepper from the air. It moves swiftly, but has less health than a normal Pepper Boy.

Enemies Found In Karoland

Attack Bird

A simple bird that attacks you.

Nut Squirrel

A squirrel that will throw nuts at you.

Rabid Dog

A stray dog that will bite you. Fairly hard to kill.

Enemies Found In Karoland Sewers


A confused reptile who is not sure if its a crocodile or an alligator. Will become offended if you call it either.

Sludge Monster

A one-eyed monster made up of sewer water. It can only be killed if you hit it in the eye.

Enemies Found In The Karoland Forest


A bird that will attack you if you get too close.


A canine that is hungry for blood. Will charge at you and then bite you.


A forest dwelling ghost that is hungry for souls. Cannot be killed, so just RUN!

Venus Peppertrap

A plant designed by Peppery Eppery. Will shoot pepper at you and will bite if you get too close.

Enemies Found In Pepper Castle

Pepper Turrets

Will shoot pepper at you if they detect you. Cannot be killed.

Pepper Spikeblocks

Enemies that act like Thwomps from the Mario series. The only difference is that the bottom of these are spiked and will kill you instantly.

Enemies Found On The Moon


An alien that is grey with big black eyes that works for peppery eppery. Will shoot you with a lazer gun.


Boss 1: Birdive

An evil bird that will swoop down. He also has the power to drop pepper bombs on you. Can only be killed by jumping on his head when he swoops down.

Boss 2: Toxic Blob

A gigantic blob that will fall from the ceiling and try to suck you up. Shoot salt into its mouth to kill it.

Boss 3: Noose Ent

An ent with many nooses hung on its branches. Can only be killed by shooting the branches one by one and then shooting the now vulnerable face.

Boss 4: Peppery Eppery

The evil mastermind himself, peppery eppery will fight you. He runs towards you and shoots you with his Pepper Gun. He can be killed by sliding into him and tripping him, and then jumping on his head.

Final Boss: Tower Of Eppery

A colossal tower that goes up for ages. You have to scale the tower and shoot the generator on the top 5 times to defeat the Tower Of Eppery. Everytime you hurt the tower however, the level of difficulty rises slightly.

Power Ups

Salt Gun

The power up you have from the beginning of the game. Will shoot salt at the opponent doing a small amount of damage.


A rocket launcher that shoots salt missiles. Has a limited amount of ammo so shoot wisely.

Salt Grenade

A grenade that will explode, leaving a pile of salt behind that damages all enemies.

Salt Star

A star that will make you invincible for a short time. Can be used to cross spikes and toxic water.


Salty Alty

The salty hero. Can use his salt themed arsenal of weapons to destroy the opponents he faces.

Peppery Eppery

The main bad guy and rival of Salty Alty. He is a mechanical genius and has an army of robots working to destroy the world.

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