200px-Salsa Clay
Full Name Salsa
Gender Male
Family and Relations
Samba is his spouse

Salsa (サルサ Sarusa) is a character in Mother 3. He is a monkey who is separated from his girlfriend Samba by the corrupt Magypsy Fassad, who uses Salsa during his appearances promoting Happy Boxes to the residents of Tazmily Village. In order to prevent him from escaping, he was given a special collar that can electrocute him. Salsa is freed early in the game in Sunshine Forest by Lucas and friends, after which he sets out to rescue Samba. He is encountered again in the Chimera Laboratory, where the Ultimate Chimera has been set loose, and terrifyingly confronts Lucas. The Chimera corners Lucas and his dog, Boney, where Dr. Andonuts, hidden in a garbage can, tells Lucas to offer Boney as bait and to press the Chimera's on/off switch. Instead, remembering how Lucas saved him from Fassad, Salsa sneaks behind the Chimera and presses this button himself. He then does a mystical dance to open up a barrier blocking the party from entering a Magypsy house. He is not seen again, save for the black screen at the end where it is revealed that every main character and NCP survived the awakening of the Dark Dragon.