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The Saltwater Saboteur, Salacia!
Full Name Salacia
Current Age 23
Date of Birth February 21
Gender Female
Species Humanoid Anglerfish
Location Underwater
Current Status Alive
Class Saboteur
Neptune’s Fury
Main Weapon(s) Explosives & engineering
Ability/ies Expert with explosives
Can survive in saltwater
Vulnerable To Easily suffocated
Vulnerable in dry weather
The Saltwater Saboteur
Glub glub, motherfrickers.
Salacia, being Salacia

Salacia is a saboteur and assassin that works for Neptune’s Fury, an underground (or should I say underwater, har har) organization of “aqueo-terrorists” devoted to saving the world from the slow pollution caused by mankind’s factories.


Salacia is a anthropomorphic anglerfish, with the usual anglerfish features - a prominent jaw, long sharp teeth, and luminous sections of their body. To be more specific, the "antenna" sticking from her forehead glows brightest, with her hands (more comparable to fins with opposable thumbs), feet (long, like a frog's) and other fins coming at a close second. The rest of her body is speckled with small spots of luminosity, with none of them nearly as bright. Gills adorn her (relatively thick) neck, opening and closing as they take in oxygen and filter it out of the air. Her eyes are the same pale yellow color as her luminous spots, and lack visible pupils or white, and her scaly skin is the same earthy brown color of old bones. She has no "hair," and instead takes to decorating her fins with a couple of piercings. She also have tattoos, usually of a very sweeping design inspired by tidal waves and ocean currents.

Salacia is never seen without her polarized goggles or a pair of sunglasses, as anglerfish are more used to darkness than light. As for the rest of her ensemble, she sticks with thin clothing - usually cotton or some other material that lets air in easily and soaks up water, to combat drier climates. She most often wears trenchcoats.


If one were to describe Salacia in just three words, the words would probably be passionate, eccentric, and mischievous. She has all of the makings of an “aqueo-terrorist,” including a love of her ancestral home and the skills necessary to protect it. She means well most of the time - she seeks to protect the world from pollution, after all - but often gets sidetracked by having fun with her explosives expertise, mostly through the controlled demolition of prominent landmarks, which hasn't done much to improve her reputation. Despite her chaotic nature, though, she doesn't believe humanity as a whole deserves to be eradicated; in fact, she goes out of her way to make sure that no "innocent" humans suffer injury or death during her attacks when she can avoid it. This practice puts her at odds with some of her peers in Neptune’s Fury, but success upon success and heightened popularity has inevitably convinced them that the Saltwater Saboteur knows what she's doing. Despite her hopes for humanity, though, she is a realist in nearly all other aspects.

Salacia is a huge nerd for human sitcoms. She is an especially avid fan of Black Books. She enjoys the freedom of swimming, but retains an interest in the difference between gravity and buoyancy that causes her to spend just as much time out of water as she does in it. She is biologically carnivorous, but doesn't have much of a metabolism, instead eating food more out of an enjoyment of taste rather than necessity of energy. She does need plenty of water, though. She isn't a fan of music, despises bright lights, is intrigued by military history and technology - especially explosives, of course - and becomes addicted to a new puzzle every month. She also doesn't like dolphins. They're too chipper.


The majority of Salacia’s defining traits stem from genetics, seeing as she hails from the ocean and all. She is equipped with gills, allowing her to filter oxygen out of saltwater in order to breathe underwater. She is equipped specifically for saltwater, however, and so she can't spend too much time in freshwater without experiencing a decline in health due to osmosis. Several spots on her body are luminous, enhancing her natural night vision when necessary, but she's also vulnerable to bright lights due to this conditioning. She's nearly always seen with a pair of polarized goggles on when she's in brighter areas. She also has natural offense and defense in the form of her scales and sharp teeth. She is a natural swimmer as well.

Salacia is also skilled with most forms of weaponry. She has received training with one-handed firearms, with her preference being towards rapid-fire over power. She is also a practiced sniper, though her aim with two-handed firearms is rather shoddy at close range, especially when dealing with automatic weapons. Her greatest strength, however, is her knowledge of and adeptness with explosive devices. Give Salacia enough time, and she could incorporate practically anything into a bomb. Fuses, packaging, camouflaging, positioning... She's your go-to gal for anything that goes BOOM. She is especially fond of naval mines, depth charges, and torpedoes, which she often incorporates into her weaponry simply for the sake of how iconic the "aquatic warfare" theme can be.