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Sakeena Kamel





Sakeena, the girl who can bend metal.
Full Name Sakeena Kamel
Date of Birth February 4th, 1997
Gender Female
Location Seattle
Current Status Writing fanfics
Class Human Being
First Appearance Fantendo - Genesis (cameo, screenname mentioned)

Fantendo Now (first official appearance)

Sakeena Kamel is a character that was first mentioned in the epilogue of Fantendo Genesis. She is a Muslim teenager that is a huge fangirl of the Fantendo characters, often writing fanfics about them. She will appear in a new untitled Fantendo show that will begin in the middle of 2015 and will be part of the new canon. She is set to be a replacement of sorts for Ella Metals; Exotoro has said that she will gain her powers although will still be her own person.


Sakeena is a late teen of the Muslim descent. She has brown hair and brown eyes and wears a pair of square-frame glasses. One important thing to note is that she never wears short sleeves or anything that doesn't cover up most of her body. If she wears a t-shirt, she also has a long shirt under it. She wears a red scarf collar around her neck, somewhat of a consistent design trait.


Sakeena is a "fan girl" and a fairly huge one at that. While she is portrayed as a terrible writer in the beginning of Fantendo Now, it steadily improves over the show to the point where Unten asks her to write a Rachten fanfiction. She jumps at any opportunity to go on an adventure with her heroes (as seen in Bermuda, Bermuda) and seems to "ship" any combination (including gay pairings).

Slowly over the course of her appearances she seems to have more and more of a disdain for her religion. In Hotdogs and Halal, she mentions feeling incredibly unwelcome in America due to her heritage and religion. Although she follows the rules closely for the most part, she has violated some of the Koran's teachings.

The contents of her fanfics have varied over time to time. She used to write herself in as a character lot, but dropped this, seeing it as lazy writing (as seen in The Threat's Beorn).

Powers and Abilities

Sakeena has the power to control metal, able to bend it to her whims and turn it into an metallic liquid substance that she can aim and form into various objects. Her style of metal-bending is to form it into metal blobs that float around her, allowing her to shoot them at her foes. She can also straight up bend metal.


Fantendo Genesis

She appears at the end of Fantendo Genesis, mentioned as one of the people saved during the attack. In the epilogue the Fantendo characters find that they have fans who write fanfiction about them, Sakeena Kamel being one of them.

Fantendo Now

She is stated to appear in the third episode "Metamorphosis", explaining how she gets her powers and following her life in more depth. She appears in various episodes after that point. She subtly grows over the course of the show, from being a terrible writer to a fairly decent one.

Fantendo Sports Resort

Appears as one of the 20 initial characters that were revealed. Her doppelganger is Emma Alloys. She has her own host of conversations about every single doppelganger and explains it to their "originals".

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Sakeena appears as a major character in the story mode, reportedly one of the three "main" focuses of the story mode. She also seems to have changed her name to "Sakeena Metals" and refuses to tell Strafe why for the beginning of the story.



Likely her closest relationship, although whether they're more than friends is still up in the air. The two went on a "date" in Hotdogs and Halal, however Strafe didn't see as romantic. Strafe does guard Sakeena very closely, however has messed up a couple times with communication. Rachel seems to interpret their relationship as romantic in By Candlelight. Regardless if they are, it's clear they have a close bond.


Leah doesn't actually like Sakeena all that much, as it reminds her too much of Ella Metals. She has shared these feelings with Strafe while drunk but it hasn't come up much in their interactions. She calls Sakeena "Metals", which seems to have impacted her name change in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.


  • Sakeena is inspired by Kamala Khan, a Marvel superhero that is an Inhuman that takes up the Ms. Marvel mantle.
  • Sakeena is also somewhat influenced by Exotoro (tbc)'s experiences growing up in the Mormon church.