Sakaru ¼M
Sakaru's main artwork.
Current Age 21 (Hound Years)
Gender Male
Location Forest Hound Tribal Village
Current Status Alive
The Forest Hounds
Main Weapon(s) Brute Force
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Quarter and Music: Legends of the Forest
Latest Appearance Quarter and Music 3D
Sakaru is a young male Forest Hound who first appeared in ¼ and ♫ for the Game Boy Color. He is the offical mascot of uSoft, and is a rarity (Videogame mascots, on four legs).


(Note: A word in [[]]s such as [[NES Mario]] mean it happened in a game.)

Long ago, a young Forest Hound was born in the Endless Forest. He grew up, and swore citizen of the Forest Hounds. All was well as the then-12 Forest Hound Years pup went to his favorite hill...

[[¼ and ♫: Legends of The Forest]] After seeing everthing he loves destroyed, Sakaru sets off on a quest for revenge...