Rising Phoenix
Full Name Saisei (pronounced Say-Say)
Gender Female
Species Android
Current Status Immortal (along with all other robots)
First Appearance Metal Age
Fantendo Smash Bros. Psycosis

Saisei is the main protagonist of Metal Age, one of the many mechanical beings in the series but unlike others she wad created a key purpose in the grand scheme of things. In an eternal age where robots continue to live on the legacy of humans, Saisei is one of the few robots who isn't content with living eternally on with no purpose and is in constant search of one, even joining the Arena, where the main gameplay is set to give her a false sense of purpose. She is representative of a phoenix, complimenting her dilemma with her eternal existance.


While not much can be confirmed yet, it is known that Saisei participated in the neverending Arena battles before finding an urge to seek Eden, the last and most powerful source of humanity that powers all robots with immortality, even if there is no use in doing so.


Saisei is very difficult to get along with, considering the fact that she finds no value in anything and has a cynical view on life. She does however respect those who find perfection in life and is never rude or selfish, but at the same time is never friendly or happy, she just exists. Saisei does have one minor passion however, as dark as it is she finds enjoyment in seeing how many unique ways she can die and doesn't mind being killed in battle, even overheating her reactor to boost her combat abilities.


Saisei has a body designed to match that of a female human, wearing a black jumpsuit with glowing orange details which shows such frame. Her "skin" color is a somewhat lifeless white and her hair is a orange-brown sort of color, her eyes are a fiery orange. Upon her head is a silver helmet with an orange visor and earcuffs, with three feathers on each one. Although it's more or less a part of her, Saisei "wears" a large light orange trenchcoat styled like bird wings, representing a phoenix, this is more to compliment her kept-to-self personality than anything imposing. Saisei's arms are actually dual cannons used for combat, if needed however she can use her hands hidden away in a compartment of the sleeve. There is also a key on her trenchcoat, acting as a zipper.


Saisei has a fiery reactor that allows her to erect jets of wing-like fire for primary close combat and large fire condensed balls of flame. She is agile and quite powerful but doesn't take hits, her battle style compliments this short lifespan by allowing her to overheat her reactor to make her flames more intense, also slowly killing her in the process.



The name Saisei is a Japanese word meaning "regeneration" or "revival". This obviously ties into her character as immortality and phoenixes are common themes.

Credit to Pyrostar (tbc) for the awesome name.