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Saint Seiya : Olympus Odyssey is a interactive game, who advancing at progressively of the player choices.

The story focus on Laki Kamiagi, Bronze Saint Of Arrow, helped by Cyrius, Phoenix Bronze Saint & Lilith her little sister, a Steel Saint. They will need to defey the Gods of Olympus, and their multiples Archangels and Disciples to prevent Zeus win the Earth and Destroy it, with the help of the Celestial Galleon, the object to be destroyed by Laki sent by Athena.


- Between Dreams & Prophecies -

Laki, a girl wakes up on a altar decorated with a halo & wings, wondering what happens to her, she violenty get hit & propelled against the wall, a young man appeared, decorated with a gold star on the front, and a voil around the waist. A flying boat appeated behind the young suffering girl, and part towards the Earth. She wanted to attack, but a unknow force wrapped her body, a beautiful white, like the purity of a pearl, suddenly became a dark black, as the feathers of a raven. She fond herself in darkness, then a spirit appeared, with a blond hair, like an angel, mind told that she must achieve " Nirvana " and she succeed to break away the seal which holds, it also says she must retrieve and  shed the blood of...

And then poting, she awoke with no memory of the dream...

Is that a prophecy or just an illusion of sleep ? No one will know...

- Prologue -

Laki, is the suffering martyr of her class and subject lowered because of her Cloth's Constellation,it can only talk to Cyrius, Saint of Phoenix. While a reckoning would start between her & Alya Saint of Whale, the director, summons her for a " extreme case ". It's was infact Athena, who covened her for an important mission ; Indeed, it loads Laki, destroying a mythical object called " Celestial Galleon ", former allowing humans to reach Olympus. She will be joined by Cyrius, her best friend, & Lilith, her little sister. They will go towards the Colosseum and the Sanctuary for tree months of a firm training.

- The first Appearances of Darkness coming from the Light -

Coming Soon !


The 3 mains characters is playable and these that appears in the game too. There is also Bonus Characters.

Playable Characters - Bonus Characters - Specials Characters

Characters Descriptions Abilities Weapon(s) Elements

Laki Kamiagi

Laki Kamiagi



  Bronze Saint - Arrow Constellation

When her Cosmos is at his paroxysm, she can makes Arrows Storms, and many Destructions Abilities.

Golden Arrow

Street of 101 Arrows

Paradox Arrow

Silver Bow/Arrows

Silver Shield


Cyrius Rahima

Bronze Saint - Phoenix Constellation

Son of Sho, the first Steel Saint, he can use the feathers of Phoenix Cloth to fly and protect himself.

Phoenix Wings

Phoenix's Illusion

Phoenix's Feathers


Lilith Kamiagi

Steel Saint


Shade SandBlood

Vulpecula ( Little Fox ) Bronze Saint

Can heal with fire which releases from her Cloth, Shade can burn anything in a time of few seconds

Fox's Howl

Fox's Claws

Furious Troops


Shadow Aingeru


Bonus Character - ( Dark Green Bracelet )

Bonus character, he can be unlockable by finding a " Green Bracelet Sword Piece ".



Aingeru in the game.

Bonus Character  ( Green Bracelet )

Special Character for the Game Release, if you find a " Green Sword Piece " You will can receive Shadow Aingeru.

Wing Form

Flame Form

Thunder Form

Chaos Sword


NPC - Non Playable Characters

Archangel Angelo - Zeus Personal Cook

Archangel Lydia - Chief of Olympic Army

Archangel Mefisto - Hermes Messenger

Archangel Luciano - Hermes Messenger

Archangel Yumiko - Hermes Messenger

Disciple Mitaro - Aphrodite's Mirror ( Enclosed by Zeus )

Disciple Raky - Guard of Minos Palace

Palatrian Minos - Supervisor of Savadian's Palace

Palatrian Shadian - Supervisor of Zeus Energy Room.

More to come...


  • Coming soon


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