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Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon
Full Name Sailor Moon (Scout Form), Usagi Tsukino (Civilian Form)
Location Silver Millenium (Past life), Juuban District
Class Sailor Scout
Main Weapon(s) Tiara, Wand
Element(s) Light, Love
Family and Relations
Sailor Mini Moon

Sailor Moon is the champion of Love and Justice, and the friend of the Sonic the hedgehog and Miles"Tails" Prower, a blue hedgehog and orange fox saving the world. Her name in real life is Usagi Tsukino (Serena in English), and lives with her parents and brother. She spends most of her time having fun rather than studying, but she is very kind, and will fight to protect everyone. She is also the reborn form of Princess Serenity, the princess of the Moon Kingdom.


Sailor Moon is the First appeared as she teams up with Sonic and Tails from Disney's 1992 Sonic X The Movie

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