Sahkala is the name of the Deserets city located in the Dry Dry Desert. Appearing in Chapter 3 while under attack, it is revealed that the city was once the Dry Dry Outpost in Paper Mario, but has since grown to something much more than that. It was also revealed that the Nomadimouse Moustafa built the city from the ground up after the events of Paper Mario, and was crowned its first King in Deseret Year 1. The city itself is split into 6 sections: North Sahkala, South Sahkala, East Sahkala, West Sahkala, The Palace, and The Outskirts (where the well and the agricultural fields are located). Sahkala is fairly successful and has established bustling trade with other, neighboring cities of the area, "thanks to King Moustafa," as the people put it.

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