Sahara Oasis
Sahara Oasis is a racing course that appears in Mario Kart 9th. It is the fourth course of the Mushroom Cup and consists out of three laps. The course is based on the Shifting Sand Land from Super Mario 64 (and its remake). The whole course is straight forwards but you always arrive at the start again. While driving you will only see the empty desert but when coming close to one of the three sections they will suddenly show themselves, just like an oasis.


After you start you will drive forwards, and can grab some item boxes, until suddenly the water and trees oasis appears. You can drive underwater and make jumps at the little islands sticking out of the water. You do have to watch out that you won't hit a tree. As you continue the piramide suddenly will appear. As you drive inside you will enter anti-gravity. There are no fences. You make your way up the piramide, where there are item boxes on the first two corners. All the way up you will jump out of the top of the piramide and can glide down. The next section will reveal itself, which is thick quicksand which only can be crossed by driving on the metal plates. The quicksand can't be driven in so Lakitu will put you back if you fall in (btw the same if you fall down in the piramide). On the metal plates you can go either left or right, or take the jump with a mushroom to go through the middle. All three ways have an item box. The paths meet up again and you drive further until the finish reveals itself.


At the start are a few pillars that have fallen down (but cannot be jumped over). The entire course is plain desert with a clear blue sky which has the Angry Sun shining down on the course. The first section is a water oasis. A big lake with several small island with trees on them. The second section is the piramide from SM64 with the same pillars on the sides. Inside of the piramide the path you're driving on is the same as in SM64. In the middle is quick sand with Eyerok floating above it, but he won't do anything. The third section is the path maze from SM64. The quicksand is dark of color and the metal is rusty. During the whole course Klepto will follow the racers. Sometimes in the parts where you don't see any section some Shy Guys (wearing Arabian clothes) are walking by with a Pidget on a carpet among them.


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