This is the continued story of Sage.


Long ago, the 5 Element Gods (Power, Life, Air, Light, and Darkness) created the people and the world of Viterra. These first people were in close touch with the gods and worshipped them out of thanks for their lives. As the people gathered into governed tribes, conflict arose. People wanted to be better than others.

One particular tribe, the people of Darkness, believed that they were already above all people and that the only tribe in the world should be a large group of Darkness worshippers. Sending out people to conquer the other tribes with force, the Darkness people started the Great Element War.

During the war, the people of Darkness was quickly overpowering all the other tribes, channeling the great unkempt power of their god. Angered, the other gods devised a tactic to bring the traitorious Darkness down. Acting quickly, they chose one young soul, be it male or female, to be gifted with some of their special power, a sort of "super soldier" to aid their respective tribes. These gifted ones were known as the Sages.

Now, with the Sages help, the 4 united tribes were able to bring down the people of Darkness. As punishment, the people of Darkness were banished to the Viterrian underworld, Malterra. With the surface peaceful once again, the tribes were able to live on without the evil influence of Darkness...

But, Darkness continued to live on in the underground as well...

Chapter 1

Part 1

After generations of peace, the new Darkness King, Domalus, commanded his only child, 15-year-old Akulor, to find a way to the surface, and act as a bringer of peace, only to be allowed access to the Great Temple, where the Godstone lies. Once close to the Godstone, Domalus explained, Akulor will destroy it, breaking the seal between Malterra and Viterra, while also taking away nearly all the Sage's divine power...

Akulor was successful in doing this, and the people of the 4 tribes, feeling very foolish, scattered in panic, as shadowy creatures rose from the ground.

This was the start of the Second Element War.

Part 2

Telus, the most recent Sage of Power, is just a 16-year-old boy, but the people call on him first to use his great power to defeat Akulor. Overwhelmed, Telus seeks the guidance of the Power Village Elder, Visenior. Visenior explains that Telus does not have a fraction of the power that the foolish common people demand of him, and that the only way the Sages can defeat Akulor without the seal of the Godstone is to pool their collective energies and work together.

Visenior continues, informing Telus that he must be the one to travel across Viterra and gather the Sages, but it won't be easy, for each village is already under harsh attack from the Malterrian shadows. Visenior reviews basic fighting and traversing techniques with Telus before sending him on his way, entrusting him with the Sage Gauntlets, the sacred weapons of Power.

Chapter 2

Part 1

Telus travels to the lands of Silva, where the Sage of Life lives at Silva Village. Once there, he discovers the village in a state of ruin, ravaged by ominous purple fires that were caused by the Malterrian shadows. The people of the village are very grateful for his arrival, and explain to him the way to the Forest of Mystery, where, deep inside, a shadow fortress lies. The Sage of Life is being held captive at this strongholds, and the Malterrian forces will continue to ravage the forests until the people of the village surrender. Telus promises to save the Sage of Life and eliminate the shadows from Silva.

Part 2

At the entrance to the Forest of Mystery, the village elder, Silvett, teaches Telus a technique that will get him through the dense woods: the art of swinging on vines. Telus takes this new ability with him and trudges through the forest, defeating the shadows that are tasked with eradicating the new threat (him). At the end of the Forest of Mystery, Telus comes across some relics and the remains of old temples; signs of an an ancient civilization, perhaps? He decides not to investigate further, as the Shadow Stronghold is just ahead, and he has more urgent matters there.

Part 3

Telus arrives at the makeshift shadow fortress, much to the Malterrian forces' discontent. They attack him without hesitation as he makes his way through the corridors and rooms of the stronghold. Once Telus arrives at the Central Courtyard, he finds the Sage of Life, Vita, chained to a post. As he tries to free her using his power, a Shadow Captain calls forth the shadows' last resort: a fearsome Shadow Beast. This monster immediately tries to send Telus away from Vita, engaging him in a battle. Telus is victorious, and frees Vita. Vita regains her power by reclaiming the Godstone Shard that the Shadow Beast used for energy, and cleanses the area with her life magic. Vita reluctantly agrees to join Telus on his quest to reunite the Sages against Malterra.

Silva is saved from the shadow threat!

Chapter 3

Part 1

Telus and Vita make their way across the Ager Fields to the land of the Mountain Dwellers, Aer. This is the home of the Sage of Air. Despite the primitive-sounding name, the Mountain Dwellers are quite advanced, evidenced by the technology laid down in Aero Pass to safely transport and guide visitors to the Capitol Spire, where the main village is located. However, when Telus and Vita begin to traverse the pass, Malterrian shadows lay their attack on the area, destroying a lot of the machinery and forcing the two Sages to take a more dangerous alternate route.

Part 2

Luckily, Telus and Vita make it through the Aero Pass and arrive at Spire Village. The village is rather nice; the Malterrian forces have not reached the area yet. When the two Sages ask around about the Sage of Air, the village elder, Senex, and his brother, Vetus, inform Telus and Vita that the Sage of Air has traveled to the top of Mount Aether, awaiting the Malterrian shadows that will try to take him away. The two old gentlemen teach Telus and Vita a Partner Technique, something that only they can do together. The particular technique is called Vortex, where Telus will hold Vita above himself, and they will both spin to fly over larger gaps. The brothers explain that this move is crucial in getting to Mount Aether without the powers of air manipulation.

Part 3

With their new move acquired, Telus and Vita leave the village and head for Mount Aether. As they stand at the start of the bridge to the Spire Pass (which leades to the mountain), they see a Malterrian Airship fly by, headed for the mountain as well and dropping Malterrian forces across the Spire Pass as well. Telus and Vita cross the bridge and go through the Spire Pass, using the Vortex to cross gaps and defeating the shadows that plague the area.

Once the two Sages begin to climb Mount Aether, they spot the remnants of ancient temples and religious altars. Telus recognizes the style of these ruins from those he saw in the Forest of Mystery. Vita, not very much of a speculator, wants to waste no time and drags Telus away from examining the ruins more closely.

At the top of Mount Aether, Telus and Vita meet up with the Sage of Air, Aether. Aether is pleased to see his fellow Sages, but their is little time to chat, as the Malterrian Airship from before reaches the top of the mountain and releases a monster in a similar style to the Shadow Beast, a bird-like creature called a Shadow Roc. As the airship flees, it leaves behind a Crystallus, a shiny crystal-like object that generates Malterrian shadows.

The three Sages battle the forces, Telus making short work of the Crystallus and its spawn and then rushing over to help bring down the sky menace. Once the Shadow Roc falls into the depths below the spires, Telus explains the situation at hand to Aether, who quickly understands and agrees to come along on the journey to stop Akulor.

Aer is saved from the shadow threat!

Chapter 4

Part 1

With one Sage left to find, Telus, Vita, and Aether head across the Ager Fields to the capital of Viterra, a large metropolis named Civilux. The Sage of Light is the daughter of Civilux's mayor, so they have no need to ask around for the whereabouts of this Sage. Heading straight for the City Hall, the three Sages are stopped by the invasion of Malterrian shadows, as they lay havoc on the city. It appears as though wherever the Sages go, the shadows follow and attack as soon as the Sages get to their destination...

Part 2

Fighting through the onslaught of Malterrian forces, the three Sages make it inside the grand Civilux governmental building. They find, however, that they are too late. Aether is the first to notice that the mayor is on the floor, dead, while Telus and Vita take note of the dilapidated state of the city hall. Those shadows sure work fast. As they inspect further, Vita notices that a draft is coming from one of the corners of the main room. Blasting it with the power of his Sage Gauntlets, Telus reveals a secret passageway to the underground of Civilux.

With dim lighting, it is hard to see in the desolate yet surprisingly clean paths of the city underground. The three Sages spot many creepy markings on the walls, as well as a few skeletons laying out of the way, in corners of the branching pathway. Soon, Malterrian shadows appear, but these are no ordinary grunts of the Malterrian force. Only armored supersoldiers and Shadow Beasts roam the dark alleys of underground Civilux.

Part 3

Barely making it through, the worn out Sages realize that the Malterrian forces must be protecting something big down here if only the strongest of their army are positioned in this area. Almost on cue after that realization, they come across a huge, well-lit room covered entirely in steel, with many blinking multi-colored lights from the hundred or so control systems that line the walls. But the standout features of the room were the giant pipes, lining the ceiling and parts of the floor, going in their winding routes to the walls. The Sages can't make sense of any of it. Why would the Malterrian shadows be protecting a room full of pipes and control systems?

They quickly get their answer, as a human Malterrian slowly walks out of the sliding doors across the room. With him comes a glass box sliding on a track, holding the Sage of Light, Lumena. The ominous-looking Malterrian man, Commander Malviere, explains to the Sages that this Pipeline Room pumps Crystallus energy from Malterra to all the regions of Viterra, which is why Malterrian shadows can quickly appear anywhere at any given time. This main pumping center was in place since the first Element War, but remained dormant until Akulor demanded it be restarted to fill the soldier quota needed for this second war. It is unknown to the Viterrian public.

Telus confidently asks the question, "And what would happen to this place if I decided to destroy it after killing you for all you and the others of Malterra have done?" Malviere laughs and answers, "The destruction of this main pipeline would decimate the entire city. But, if you so wish, you can kill me just as well. In fact, I'd like to see you try! Heh heh heh!" Malviere unsheathes his two combat blades and the battle begins.

Through the efforts of the 3 fighting Sages, they manage to disarm one of the blades from Malviere, sending it flying into the Sage of Light's glass enclosure, freeing her. Now, with the help of Lumena, the Sages defeat Malviere. Lumena specifically deals the final blow, using her light to suck the shadow force out of the Malterrian commander.

Pale and with a lifeless, zombie-like appearance, Malviere laughs, a creepy echo sounding through the room, as his body sinks through the floor into a dark purple portal. Lumena recognizes this as a portal to Malterra. With all the Sages united, they use this portal to enter the home of the shadows.

Civilux is saved from the shadow threat!

Chapter 5

Part 1

The 4 Sages emerge from the portal, onto the gloomy, dark, and dusty plateau of the Malterrian Wasteland. There doesn't appear to be any life around, including Malterrian shadows, so the Sages move on, albeit cautiously. The wasteland quickly becomes a test of parkour skills, as a huge earthquake shakes the underworld and breaks apart the plateau. As Telus and Vita use Vortex, Lumena teaches Aer a way to control a path of light that they can both cross using his air manipulation. They dub this partner technique Refraction, as they bend the light. Traversing the crumbling wasteland, they spot Malterrian shadows rising from the cracks in the ground, and now have to work to fight them and deal with the undultating landscape.

Part 2

They make it through as the last of the plateau falls into the Poison Ocean below the floating Malterrian landscape. Flung to the opposite side of Malterra, the farthest away from the former plateau, the Sages are now in the capital city of Malterra, Mallux. Unfortunately, their prescence is no longer a secret. The Sages must now fight through the forces protecting the city if they want to make it to the Great Castle, which is now fully revealed, seeing as it was partially embedded into the wasteland plateau.

Part 3

The Sages arrive at the home of King Domalus and Prince Akulor, the Great Castle. Inside the ornate, mansion-like structure, the Sages are met with harsh resistance; the chief lords of darkness chose the strongest Malterrian forces to protect the castle. Bravely fighting through, the 4 heroes make it through the castle and are able to unlock the door to Domalus' throne room.

Inside, the King of Shadow greets them.

"Ahahaha...I was wondering when I could see your faces around has your journey been?" he says in an eerily calm voice, as he rises from his throne.

"It's been good enough. We've gotten here, haven't we?" Telus answers.

"Yes, brave have gotten here. I guess your journey was successful...but, I'm sure you want to know..."


"How it ends, of course!!"

Domalus draws his own blade and the Sages prepare to duel with the king. With all of their strength working together, they manage to take down Domalus.

Part 4

Domalus lays on the floor in defeat, saying through staggered breaths that "You haven't seen anything...I am the least of those who wish to see you dead..." and "My son is more powerful than I, staying in his tower, honing his skill..." The Sages leave Domalus and head out of the throne room, next stop: Devil's Tower.

With a straight shot up to the top via a whole lot of stairs, the Sages climb the tower to Akulor's chamber. When they open the door, they are surprised to find the Prince of Shadow up against the wall near a large window, his head down as if he is deeply saddened by something.

"'ve come to end me and make things right for your world...the day he said would come in no time...I've awaited you."

And the battle with Akulor begins!

Story Climax

Both the Sages and Akulor are overwhemled by each other, as they apparently match in skill. Both weakened, they are nearly defenseless as Malviere suddenly blasts through the door and attacks. After dealing with those in his way, he goes over to Akulor and begins to extract a purple aura out of him.

"At last...the power I needed to fulfill the legend of my people has become available to me..." Malviere says to himself, as the Sages can only watch in confusion, exhausted.

"With me finally able to lead them, the Immalos will rise again and finish the war that we started!!" Malviere says as he extracts the last of Akulor's power. With a shrill scream, Akulor falls to the floor, unconscious.

Gathering enough strength, Telus gets up and goes to attack Malviere, but is quickly pushed back by Malviere's telepathic force.

"Foolish Sage...if only you knew about me...and about poor Akulor..." Malviere says, as a portal back to Viterra forms under the laying bodies of the Sages...

Chapter 6


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