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Platform(s) Neo Logo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan 2013
25px-Flag of USA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe 2013
25px-Flag of Australia 2013
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Platformer
Media Included Neo Downloadable Game
Sage is a action-platformer game by N Studios for the Neo. It is largely story-driven, and is the first N Studios game to have a full story actually written out in the article.


Long ago, the 5 Element Gods (Power, Life, Air, Light, and Darkness) created the people and the world of Viterra. These first people were in close touch with the gods and worshipped them out of thanks for their lives. As the people gathered into governed tribes, conflict arose. People wanted to be better than others.

One particular tribe, the people of Darkness, believed that they were already above all people and that the only tribe in the world should be a large group of Darkness worshippers. Sending out people to conquer the other tribes with force, the Darkness people started the Great Element War.

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The gameplay is similar to traditional action-platformers, where it is primarily composed of levels and cutscenes. What Sage does differently is that there are multiple characters (you can play as all the Sages as you find them) with many different abilities, weaknesses, and even stats to upgrade, bringing an RPG feel to the game, as well as presenting a more open feel throughout.

To showcase the detail in the game, some areas have a very large field of view so you can take it all in, instead of making the whole game feel like a closed, totally linear experience. To add to that, there are many more in-game cutscenes than traditional pre-rendered CGI animations. This was done to maintain a seamless flow between the story and the gameplay.

With the use of the Neo Gamepad, you can manage all of your Sages and view the minimap. You can upgrade any Sage's stats at any time using the experience points you acquire throughout the adventure. In-game, this is a process called Godly Communication, where the Sage you are currently using will stand still and act as if he or she is praying to the gods to grant the upgrade to the Sage you are applying it to. This is one in real-time, so if enemies are near the dormant Sage, you can pause or cancel the upgrade entirely and regain control to defeat the attackers, then resume at a later time.

Areas (Pre-Story Climax)


Tutorial: Review for Adventure


Part 1: Silva Village
Part 2: Forest of Mystery
Part 3: Shadow Stronghold
Boss: Shadow Beast


Part 1: Aero Pass
Part 2: Spire Village
Part 3: Mount Aether
Boss: Shadow Roc


Part 1: Capital of Viterra
Part 2: City Underground
Part 3: Shadow Pipelines
Boss: Commander Malviere


Part 1: Malterrian Wasteland
Part 2: Capital of Malterra
Part 3: Great Castle
Boss: King Domalus
Part 4: Devil's Tower
Boss: Prince Akulor

Areas (Post-Story Climax)


Part 1: The Ruined Civilization
Part 2: The Forgotten Sage
Part 3: Escape the Immalos Invasion
Boss: Immortuis Beast


Part 1: Forest of Mystery
Part 2: Making Connections
Boss: Immortuis Roc


Part 1: Aer's Secret Way
Part 2: Aether Ruins
Part 3: When the Immalos Destroy the World
Boss: Immortuis Sages


Part 1: Ruined Castle
Part 2: Unlocking Sage Potential
Boss: Malviere


Part 1: Path into the Greatest Shadow
Boss: Immortuis Akulor
Final Boss: Immortuis Malviere


The Sages

Telus Descendant of the ancient Sage of Power who protected Viterra during the infamous First Element war, Telus hardly looks the part. More of a thin teenager dressed in a formal Sage outfit than anything else, he has yet to discover his full potential. Little does he know that such a discovery is closer...and more vital than it may seem.
Vita A confident teenage girl and descendant of the ancient Sage of Life, Vita wants more than anything in the world to live up to her ancestral past. In the midst of training to be the leader of her village, Vita is ambushed by Malterrian shadows and held captive in the Forest of Mystery, a seldom-explored area where shadows can thrive...
Aether A committed protector of his village, Aether is a strong fighter and smart tactician. Using his element of air, Aether is able to create any force and direct it any way at his opponents. Aether does not question much and, when told of the situation regarding the Malterrian forces, he quickly understands and offers his support.
Lumena Daughter of the mayor of Civilux, Lumena is used to living a luxurious life. Though this may not set her up to be as self-sufficient or protecting like the other Sages, her power of light is essential to bringing down the shadows of Malterra.

The Malterrian Royalty

Image TBA King Domalus


Image TBA Prince Akulor


Image TBA A shady, behind-the-scenes member of the Malterrian Royal Council, Malviere serves as chief commander of the Malterrian army and first advisor to the king. His cold and hidden nature seem to hint that he may be more than what people think of him...and holds secrets he wants no one to know.


Image TBA Shadow Beast
Image TBA Shadow Roc
Image TBA Malviere
Image TBA Domalus
Image TBA Akulor


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  • This game is the first game for N Studio's latest console, Neo. The console was formally announced soon after this page went up.
  • Telus' sacred weapons, the Sage Gauntlets, are a reference to the Power Glove (Telus' element is power), an infamous Nintendo accessory.
  • This game was originally going to have a deeper story and more realistic artwork. However, the design was changed to fit a younger audience and to be more focused on the overall game experience. Because of these changes, Sage received a new rating of E10+ and was delayed to a 2013 release date. The logo was also updated.
  • The logo of Sage is one of the few in the N Studios library to use a serif font.
  • Sage is the first N Studios title to have music tracks, composed by Dk64rules (tbc) himself at that.