Full Name Sagaz
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Current Status Unknown
Class Villain
The Starcrashers, Unknown Futuristic Force
Family and Relations
Eclipse (brother)
Main Weapon(s) Various
Ability/ies Magic Powers, Lightning Powers, other stuff like that
The Lightning Lord
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: The Shadow Saga
Latest Appearance The Starcrashers
Ah, you must be the three heroes I saw through the galactic window.
Sagaz' first meeting with Mario, Luigi and Yoshi

Sagaz is the main character in his video game series, The Starcrashers. Sagaz is also the leader of his gang, called "The Starcrashers".

Appearance Edit

Sagaz's appearance is almost ghost-like, he has his hands and feet un-attached from his body and has a ghost-like tail. Sagaz sports a grey cap with two long flesh toned flaps at the side, two red eyes and a flesh toned scarf-like coverage covering his face. Sagaz also has a Black cloak with a lightning bolt on the back of it and flesh toned outlining. He shares a similar appearance to that of Twilit. There are also rumors suggesting that Sagaz has a transformation, but it has yet to be seen.

Appearances Edit

The Starcrashers Edit

In the Starcrashers, Sagaz is the leader of his gang named "The Starcrashers". In this game, Sagaz and his gang conquer his world, and Sagaz conquers the industrial zone. After Sagaz has almost fully conquered that zone, a rival gang called "The Andarislashers" sends their leader, Andarious, after him. Sagaz comes out on top, and fully conquered the industrial zone. Shortly after that, he and his gang take down the Andarislashers once and for all, but then, The Starcrashers are betrayed by one of their own. He banishes Sagaz and his brother, Eclipse to an unknown location.

Mario & Luigi: The Shadow Saga Edit

Sagaz is the main antagonist in Mario & Luigi: The Shadow Saga. Sagaz was freed from the unknown location by the efforts of the Shadow Guardian. He was stopped again by Mario, Luigi and Yoshi, but he got away. He then plotted with Krown, Twilit and Scourge to conquer the Mushroom World, but was once again stopped. He resided in the Wiggler State Penitentiary for a short while, until he received contact from an unknown character twenty-five years in the future. Sagaz then transported all of the residents in the prison, cyprus, and the mushroom kingdom twenty-five years in the future.

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Trivia Edit

  • Sagaz was meant to only appear in M&L:TSS, but that obviously didn't happen.
  • Due to Sagaz only being meant to appear in M&L:TSS, his name is Saga with a z at the end
    • Ironically, Sagaz is an Italian name which means 'Clever/Shrewd/Smart' which describes Sagaz well