Sagana Afolabi
Full Name Sagana Afolabi
Current Age 20
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Mombasa, Kenya
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Very athletic, very knowledgeable about the human body
Nationality 25px-Flag_of_Kenya.svg.png
Ethnicity Kenyan
Height 6'5"
First Appearance TBA

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Sagana is a human from the RTAverse. He is a college student who is majoring in Sport Science at Georgetown.


Sagana is a tall 20-year-old Kenyan male with dark skin and short black hair. He wears a black hoodie with a white logo on the front, light blue ripped jeans and orange basketball trainers. His eyes are dark brown.


Sagana was born in Kenya, to a housewife and one of the top doctors in Kenya at the time. He lived in Mombasa for a few years before moving to Nairobi. He was raised in Nairobi until he was 12, when his father was given a job in New York. Sagana found it hard to get to know the area at first, but met Natalie Rodriguez, who helped him get used to the area. The two became good friends and stuck by each other during school.

Sagana took up basketball when he was 14 and proved to be a great player. He graduated from high school and moved with Natalie down to Washington, D.C. to go to college. Sagana ended up doing Sport Science at Georgetown and became good friends with Skylar Quinn. The two normally hang out when Sagana isn't in college, alongside a few other people.


Sagana is usually determined to get things done, and tends to try and achieve goals that he sets himself. He is rather cautious with what he wants to say more often than not, but doesn't turn back when he does say something.



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