Full Name Sadisilea "Sadi" Mulistic
Current Age 26
Gender Female
Species Catonea
Current Status Alive
Class Bounty Hunter
Main Weapon(s) Various Firearms and Explosives
First Appearance Fantendo - Showcase

Sadisilea(Nicknamed Sadi) is a traveling Catonea bounty hunter created by Sr.Wario. A mentally ill woman with little morals, Sadisilea is a character lacking a series, ala Leah Needlenam.



Sadisilea has never revealed her backstory, as she seems disturbed by it. Instead, she tells a multitidue of different cliche origin stories to mock other villains and heroes, such as the death of a loved one, losing her planet, and having an abusive parent.

Fantendo - Showcase

Fantendo Labyrynth


Sadisilea never shows her true face, instead always wearing a yellow suit of armor adorned with various different gadgets, made from a durable and rare metal.


Sadisilea is a mentally ill person who has little morals or care for anyone. Sadisilea will take any bounty hunting job, and seems to be less interested in money and more interested in causing pain to other people and creating anarchy, the only thing that makes her happy.

Sadisilea rarely cares to interact with people and form relationships, only doing so to taunt someone or take on a new job. In addition, she has no concept of loyalty and guilt, and her deeds all relate to whoever pays top bill/offers her the most opportunities to cause pain.

She feels little emotion, rarely feeling sadness or anger. If something bad happens, she relishes in it and uses it to benefit herself.


Sadisilea is highly trained and intelligent. She is an expert strategist and despite being born with no superpowers, she is trained in nearly all weapons, firearms, explosives, and blades alike. Her suit of armor also adds on an extra level of defense from more powerful people and various weapons.

She's also good at improvising, being insane and resourceful all at once. She also has immense athletic training, durability, and endurance.

Her main weakness is her lack of loyalty and the fact that she doesn't bond with anyone, which can lead to her defeat if she's faced with multiple skilled people.


  • Sadisilea's personality was inspired by the Joker, and her appearance and role as a female armored bounty hunter was inspired by Samus.