Sad spiny

A Sad Spiny in Mariotale

Sad Spiny is a kind of Spiny that is extremely discontented to the point of unhappiness. It looks similar to a regular Spiny, except with more tears streaming down its face. They first appeared in Super Princess Peach under the influence of the Vibe Scepter.



Sad Spinies appear as common enemies in Mariotale during the Hotel Mario level. The spiked foes seem to be having a collective existential crisis regarding their self-worth. They attack by crying in curved arcs which Mario must stand in the middle of to avoid.

To spare a Sad Spiny, Mario must reassure it that its life has meaning and worth. Sad Spinies always appear in battle formation with a Lakitu: this Lakitu must be killed or spared before the Sad Spinies can be spared.

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